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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Goody Good Sweets

Check out the goodies Goody Good Stuff sent me! Vegetarian and vegan gummies!! The one and only thing I miss since going vegetarian is gummy sweets! There are some out there but they aren't that great. When I heard there was a new sweet on the market I was very excited to try it. There are eight varieties, I've tried 4 so far. There are 4 sour varieties which are all vegan and 4 gummy varieties which are vegetarian.
The sours

The gummies

The strawberry cream flavour were yummy, the texture was as close to a gelatine sweet as I've tried!

Loved these! There were different flavours and they really reminded me of haribo tangfastic sweets or sour patch kids, yum!

The peach sweets had a great peach taste, scrummy!

These were what I was waiting for, I never thought I would ever get to eat a cherry sweet again! YUM! Absolutely loved these, they were always my favourite :-)

My little selection, yummy!
I really loved the sweets, they are all natural flavours and colours. Only downside is the sugar in them, I wouldn't want to eat to many for the sake of my teeth! It will be hard not to though!

Disclaimer: Whilst Goody Good Stuff sent me the sweets to try for free I have not been paid for this review and my opinions are honest.

My sore throat did not turn into tonsillitis! Hurrah! It's just a (bad) cold, I've never been happier to have a cold though haha. I would have been worried if it had been tonsillitis again! I've been feeling pretty poorly with a cold and haven't done any training since Sunday :-( So annoying but I'd rather wait until it's clear as otherwise I know I'll be out for even longer.

Given that I haven't been training I didn't really have much interesting to say! We might have some really exciting news soon but I don't want to share it yet in case it all goes wrong! I'm scared to jinx us!

Just before I dash off check out this wonderful, and very generous giveaway over on Anne Marie's blog Goals for the Week! She's giving away a gift certificate for Athleta worth $150!

For Luke at The Super Fatlete, here's my favourite running book!


  1. I haven't seen those - could totally go for the sour ones though. Yay for it "only" being a cold and nothing more serious. Feel better soon!

  2. wow those look way good. kind of like sour patch kids! glad your cold isn't anything more worrysome too :)

  3. That background is so pretty! I'm glad you only have a cold, I have read that when you are trying to shake a cold you should steer clear of sugar (something about how it feeds the cold?)but it'll be hard to resist with those sweets around! I got some too and am struggling to resist! Feel better soon!

  4. Glad your throat turned out okay, those sweets look great, may have to invest in a couple of packets myself, I don't eat meat,but am not as strict with the gelatine as I should be!

  5. Glad it's just an old-school cold! They're definitely going round at the moment.

    Do you know where those sweets retail? I've become a sloppy vegetarian through my running days (jelly baby anyone?), but am slowly trying to rein that in, so some veggie gummies for long runs would be great. (I can't stomach gels *at all*, so it's sweets and gatorade all the way for me!)

    Hope the rest does you good :)

  6. I love sour jelly sweets! I'll have to keep a look out for them x

  7. Hi-five for Goody Good Stuff! They're awesome aren't they. I'm having major cravings since I've finished the ones I was sent :P


  8. Oh they look yummy! See the good thing for me about being veggie is that I dont get tempted by the bags of haribo that are at work (other staff bring them in/ frequently kids bring them for their birthdays too). altough I did see on a website that you can get veggie haribo!
    I stick to jelly beans as they are veggie and YUMMY!

  9. I didn't know tha regular gummies weren't vegitarian, KNow I know. Seems like these would be even better.

    I hope you ge to feeling better soon. Have you started the ne job yet?

    Thanks for tagging the book for me, do you get a commission from all of amazon or just amazon uk?

  10. Hi chica!
    thanks for the bloggy shout out.
    and like your new bloggy look. ooh-la-la!

    and those goody good stuff thingy's look GOOD!

    happy sunday;-)

  11. those jelly sweets sound lovely!