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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Three Things Thursday

How has everybody's day been? Almost the weekend! I always intend to do a three things Thursday post, and sometimes on Friday I find a half written one that I forgot to finish and post... Perhaps today you will see this one!!

  1. I've been seeing a lot about budgeting on the blogs lately, I'm joining in! Mike and I are planning a budget, and we're sticking to it! We're terrible for popping to the shops for milk or bread and coming out with 4 bags of shopping. Not now! We've budgeted an amount for the week and once that's gone, it's gone... I'm sensing some creative meals while we get used to it haha... These may or may not be shared on the blog, depending on how disgusting they are! We've also vowed off takeaway unless we 'save up' for it by cutting back in other areas, we don't eat it a lot but it does tend to cost a lot of money. It helps that last time I got takeaway there was a piece of chicken in my vegetable curry... don't fancy eating it ever again!
  2. I have some news which I can't wait to share on the blog but I daren't just yet in case something goes wrong and I jinx us! (we're not having a baby!) I'm almost bursting wanting to tell you all, I hope I can soon!
  3. The chilly weather is making me think of Christmas already! It doesn't take much at all to get me excited about Christmas, my most favourite time of year! But I must admit, August is early, even for me! Am I the only one out there to be thinking of Christmas already? I am just really hoping I don't have to work, the job I have now means they will be open on Christmas day which means I may have to work, I will be so gutted if I have to work Christmas day but that's life I guess. It will happen when/if I eventually go into nursing so I may as well get used to the possibility now!
Well, I almost missed this Thursday too! It's gone 11.30 and I almost got too carried away reading blogs that I forgot to finish writing it!


  1. Good luck to you on the budgeting. The hubs and I seriously need to get back on the budgeting train ourselves! I hope you have a fantastic Friday!!

  2. i always want to do a three things thursday but i always am reminded by seeing others' posts AFTER i've posted mine!

    good luck with budgeting. i'm trying to buckle down and create an excel spreadsheet to budget myself!

  3. Hi Laura,
    We are the same way about running into a store for just a few items and coming out with so much more than intended:)

    I am curious about your news:) I will wait and look forward to your announcement! Take care!

  4. i always forget about three things thursday until i see someone else post about it! and i need to create an excel spreadsheet like NOW for budgeting. i keep telling myself i'm going to do it but keep putting it off

  5. oops! i didn't think my original post from this morning went up haha!

  6. Yeah, seems like Budgeting is the new trend! We are exactly the same here: we pop to the shop with 1 thing and before we know, the basket is full...and the purse is empty :(
    When I phoned my Mum the other day, we talked about Xmas but eventhough I love Xmas time, I think it's too early. We need a liitle bit more of 'summer'.

  7. Hey- I am terrible at going off-list when I go to a shop, which is why normally we order on-line because then we tend to stick to the list. But while I am not at work (teacher- school holidays) I have the time to go to the shops and it seems silly to pay for delivery- but I end up buying LOADS more! OOps!
    maria :)

  8. Well you know I'm doing my best on the budgeting front at the moment - we'll have to give each other moral support! I'll be interested to hear how you get on x

  9. Christmas is my favourite time of year too! I can't wait!

  10. Now we're in suspense! Anxious to hear your news. Good for you for trying to stick to a budget; I'm feeling the need to do that too after just returning from a vacation where we bled money!

  11. good luck with budgeting, we set a weekly amount for food each week, we take out 4 x that amount (for a 4 week month) on pay day and bag it up, then every friday i take a money bag and go shopping, i dont spend it all, the rest does me for picking up fresh bits through the week. works so well, so whenever i'm skint its ok, we still have money for food!

  12. Budgeting is awesome! I am not very good at it...though I keep trying!
    Can't wait for the secret!
    I too love Christmas...but not yet! I need the warmth to last a bit longer!