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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Monthly Recap

I haven't included much of a recap this month as I didn't really have anything new to put this month.. Apart from my 9 miler on Monday I haven't beaten any old times as I haven't been testing any.. All goals are set to the 10k at the moment, where I hope to beat my own 10k time. It's an unoficial time as I haven't raced a 10k before but it will be tough to beat cause it was one of those runs where I could not have given another ounce of effort!

Monthly Totals - August
Miles 48
Push-ups - 80
Chin-ups - 10
Pull-ups - 0
Wrist curls -0
Core work - 1
Gymnastics - 5

I'm still a bit frustrated with myself.. My totals aren't where I want them to be, except for the running.. Quite impressed with that considering I took almost a full week off to let my legs recover and then another week off when I got poorly.. Can't help illness but I don't feel like I get as much done as I used to... I only have myself to blame for that...

So, to try and regain some motivation I've set out some specific September goals, which I might review week by week to keep on track. I think I'm struggling with motivation not having a fight coming up. I really miss being at a boxing gym. I hope we can get to one that works money wise and travel wise soon because it was such a big part of my training and I've been a bit lost without it.

September Goals
Run 3 times per week according to the Run Less Run Faster Plan
Run 60 miles
Do 120 push-ups over the month
Do 25 chin-ups over the month
Do 1 core workout a week
Do 1 gymnastics workout a week
Sugar-less September - Eat less sugar in September, I don't eat loads but I've been slacking a bit in the cooking department which has probably added sugar to my diet. Making more of my own meals and desserts would definately be a good idea and this could be the kick up the bum I need to do it!


  1. Hey girl - like you said, can't help it if you're sick. You still did great so high 5's!

  2. i love your goals!!!!! sugar is a great target. how will you measure??

  3. Looks like a great set of goals--having them always helps!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Lacey, I'm going to avoid anything where sugar is in the 3-5 ingredients or where the sugar is over 10g per 100g... This doesn't include fruits or honey or natural sugars.

  5. Looks like you have some great goals for September. I need to cut the sugar too!

  6. Man, if I weren't running a marathon in 3 weeks then I'd join you with the sugar thing. I keep meaning to give it the heave-ho. I'm not terribly bad (if we're not including fruit and honey) - but I definitely rely on the sugar-caffeine combo in stressful times. Maybe I'll take courage from you and make it a goal for October.

    I hear you on the gym thing too. I couldn't work out at home all the time - I need contact with people, and seeing others work out spurs me on.

    Good luck with the goals!

  7. Good goals Laura- that is a lot of miles so you should celebrate the goals that you did achieve :)
    Good plan on the less sugar thing- I need to focus on this as going back to work means that biscuits are on show in the staffroom and are a tempting pick me up when the going gets tiring.
    Also- bought some nutritional yeast today after I saw it on your blog- have not tried it yet but watch this space! Should help me eat less cheese!
    Maria :)

  8. Great goals! The sugarless September is a great one. I'll be trying that out after I've done the Great North Run I think - its not so much the sugar but lots of sugary fruit which doesn't always work so well for me!

  9. I really should make some gaols but I never do! I like the idea of eating less sugar and have been thinking of that myself recently.

  10. Nice goals....make sure you open up a particularly large can of whup-ass on them!

    When 'n' which is the 10k?

  11. bummer that being sick derailed you a bit. but it happens. think of it this way: your september numbers are going to rock ;)

    i love your goals and how tangible they are! setting concrete numbers is such an awesome way of making sure you hit them :)

  12. great goals love, i'm sure you'll reach them dont beat yourself up about falling a little short this month, you've done brilliant especially considering being sick! its always a killer for the goals but it cant be helped and you've hopped right back on it! thats all that matters!

    PS sorry if i've become a sporadic commenter lately, when i go on your bloggy at work it chucks me out! it never used to! pah!!

  13. Alison, there's no way I could give up caffeine luckily I like my coffee black!

    Maria, hope you enjoy the nutritional yeast, let me know!

    Rob, the 10k is a small local one, the Haltemprice 10k on the 24th of October :-)

  14. Don't worry Neen, I wonder what's going on with it though, is it since I changed the background? I've been faffing about with the background and some bits on the sidebar lately maybe I've done something your work computer doesn't like! Wouldn't know where to begin figuring it out though hehe