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Monday, 20 September 2010

10 Miles Before 10am

I did something I've never done before, a long distance run before breakfast. It was hard going for 10 miles on a banana haha I definately prefer going mid morning but somedays there isn't time so I now know it's possible to go before! It was a tough run though, my legs felt horrible the whole time! Thank-you Sundays workout! It's a hilly route and it was windy again, all of those combined made me miss my target time of 8.47 by a longshot but I'm not too worried. I'd been having a good streak, it was bound to come to an end sooner or later!

10 miles in 1:33:45 average pace 9.23

Mile 1 - 9.16
Mile 2 - 10.04
Mile 3 - 9.36
Mile 4 - 9.19
Mile 5 - 9.18
Mile 6 - 10.01
Mile 7 - 9.19
Mile 8 - 9.16
Mile 9 - 9.09
Mile 10 - 8.27

Spot the hilliest miles!!

I've told Mike I think he jinxes me since I always run slower with him.. I think he just picks hard hilly routes though really and every run I've done with him recently has been really windy.. Not sure I can blame that one on him though ;-)

I was so glad to get home at the end of this run, it's odd how different runs can feel, sometimes I feel like I could go forever and sometimes every mile is a struggle. I really considered cutting it short to 8 miles but I made myself run the 5 miles out so if I had wimped out I would have had 2 miles to walk at the end of the run.. Not an attractive prospect when you can't wait to get home for a nice big glass of water and hot bath.. No ice baths for me, I'm far too wimpy with cold things!!

I had a major grump on this afternoon after the run. We'd done it early as I was at a meeting early in the afternoon with the charity I mentor for. So I'd rushed around like mad trying to get everything I needed to do in the morning done and I got to the place to find it had been cancelled. No-one else had shown up so it seemed to be just me who had not been phoned about it. I was really fuming, it takes me an hour to get there and that's all I was going for and I've lost my weekend off work to get today off to go to this meeting and nobody bothered to tell me it had been cancelled. So frustrating.

I'll try not to get too grumpy again now! Sometimes I think I might have one of the grumpiest blogs out there 'cause if I'm usually complaining about missing my times on a run!

Hope everyone else has had a grump free Monday!


  1. i love doing long distances before breakfast. granted my better ones are in the late afternoon but it's just so hardcore to do so many miles while the rest of the world is sleeping!

    hope today was grump free for you too :D

  2. You are so NOT grumpy, I hope you know! Mile six didn't sound fun--way to knock out the whole run at a good pace.

  3. You go with that run! High 5's to you. LOL - I always blame slow runs on things like the wind or hills ;-) I would have been furious, that totally sucks about the meeting. And I hear you on running - one day awesome, the next 2 crap. I've also had those days when I thought it was going to be bad and was fantastic and then thought it'd be fantastic to find that it sucked (totally uncool).

  4. Wow! Your running is sooooooo impressive! xx

  5. You are not grumpy! But that must have been so annoying.
    Well done on those ten miles- especially for keeping going when it got tough.
    I am with you on the ice bath front- the coldest I get is a cold spray at the end of a warm shower! :)

  6. You are quite right to be annoyed about that meeting. I would try and find out why then didn't tell you, and make a point of explaining how much trouble that caused you. Politely, but in a way that makes sure it doesn't happen again. I think volunteers are often treated a bit shabbily, which is so wrong.

    Nice run though! Do you feel like meeting these times is hanging round your neck a bit though? I know it's the key to improving -- and man are you seeing results! -- but it can also end up taking the joy out of running. Remember your anxiety about Mike and fitting everything in? This is great for that! But if he takes you on hills then maybe the compromise is that you have to modify your pace goals for those runs?

    Actually, maybe you could be scientific about that? I bet there's a way of working out the equivalent times for a flat run on hills. If you wanted to get really fancy you could use the data from your Garmin for the incline / gradient. And then modify your pace goals for that route?

    Geek out!

  7. Alison your suggestion is pretty much exactly what Mike said to me. I'm just not entirely sure how to modify it. I know it has to be slower but I'm not sure how to allow for the hills as they seem to tire my legs for the whole run not just the hills... Mind you I guess that is saying I need more practice on the hills so avoiding them to get the time goals is actually quite a negative thing in itself!

    I've sent a carefully worded email out to the facilitator of the meeting. It's the second time something similar has happened and I'm starting to feel a bit like just quitting, I'll see what they say about it! I don't want to let my mentee down and me quitting is likely to have a worse effect on her than the charity.

    p.s. I'm really glad you guys don't think I'm grumpy.. I don't want to make the blog too whiny!

  8. Your blog certainly doesn't come across as being grumpy! Well done on your run, I usually prefer running first thing than later in the day. Hope the charity comes back to you with a big apology x

  9. You are so funny Laura! I never in a million years would think of you as grumpy:) You are always so sweet!

    Nice work on the 10 mile run! I have a ten mile race this weekend. I did really well last year and am scared to death that I will not be able to pull it off this year.

    Have a fantastic week!

  10. hahaha i don't think your blog is grumpy!!!!! you are just human, like us all :) that's what personal blogs are for, right? to be there for us as a place to put thoughts. and way to hit 10 miles in the morning!!!!!!!!! must have felt so good to start off the day with that :)

  11. hilly routes pay off in the end. way to go

  12. Good job, keep it up and you will get much better result. Nice post too.