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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Warrior Workout!

I just want to start this post by saying a big thankyou to everyone who commented on my last post. I got some really amazing advice and if you're struggling with balancing your homelife with your fitness I suggest you go have a read here!

Here's a Roxie pic to say thanks!

September Goals - Week 3
Run 3 times per week according to the Run Less Run Faster Plan Week 1-3 done! Week 3 3/3
Run 60 miles - (16 for the week) 17.3 to go
Do 120 push-ups over the month -80 done so far (0 for the week) 40 left
Do 25 chin-ups over the month - 15 done so far (0 for the week) 10 left
Do 1 core workout a week - 1 done so far (0 for the week)
Do 1 gymnastics workout a week -2 done so far (0 for the week) 2 in total
Cook more from scratch - pizza - see below, greek saladdy type thing, stuffing balls with apple and sunflower seed coating to go with a sunday dinner... Definately going better, back to cooking like I used to!

I was going to do my 10 miler today, and after watching the Great North Run I was raring to go, but Mike said he would run with me if I waited until tomorrow.. So run postponed! We did a warrior workout based on Ross Training type workouts instead.. I wanted to do gymnastics but he reminded me he'd be running with me tomorrow so I went with it! I can't remember the last time I sweated so much! I'd planned to do 8 rounds and Mike was going to do 10 as his exercises were slightly easier than mine (based on what equipment we have, we didn't have enough to both do exactly the same). I decided halfway through that if Mike finished before me I would stick at 8 but if he finished after me I would go to 10... plus, 10 is a nicer number... He put his dumbbells down literally a second after I finished my 8th round, but he still finished after me so 10 it was!

10 Burpees
15 Band slams (I hate these!)
10 Dumbbell wood choppers

x 10 rounds in 16.41

So difficult.. These workouts always look so ok on paper... They don't feel it haha - if you want to get a good sweat on and only have 20 minutes these workouts are perfect!

Those of you who follow me on twitter may know I had pizza for tea on Friday, I've only just got round to blogging it! It was yummy, it had been ages since we made pizza for tea. We made a wholemeal base, I added powdered garlic, herbs and S&P.

Pizza base, pre cooking

Add sauce, I used a mixture of tomato puree, hummous and chopped tomatoes
Topping station!

Just before cooking


And, some leftover dough with hummous and a few veggies on for Roxie and Tia... Well, it was just for Roxie but Tia loved it so Roxie had to share. Our pets will eat anything! I know what I'm doing with leftover dough in future.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Yummy sounding pizza. Sounds like a great workout. Love that picture of Roxie - too cute!

  2. it makes me smile that you and mike run together -- and do warrior workouts together too :)

    yummy looking pizza. too bad i read this AFTER eating dinner hahah

  3. your cooking from scratch goal is so exciting!!! very challenging. and you're doing so great with all your items. it's fun to keep track, isn't it??? btw- i LOVE your background of your blog!!!

    keep up the great work with everything. glad you have a buddy for your 10-miler, too :)

  4. The pizza looks awesome! We make it homemade frequently... love it best!

    Fantastic pic of Roxie! Can you hear me giggling? So cute!

    *hugs* from Orlando!

  5. Oohhhhhhh that pizza looks so yum! xx

  6. Your goals for the month and shaping up really well! Great that you and Mike get to work out together yesterday and today too - that definitely seems to key to combining the two ;)

    Oh, and love the idea of adding hummus to the pizza topping - never seen that before!

  7. A couple of points...

    1. Love the look of that pizza! I <3 pizza!

    2. Roxie's SO cute!

    3. The balancing act- I'm rubbish at this. It's fine if I just had work to get on with but I'm finding it so difficult to be working full-time on my placement, studying (essay and placement work), exercising (which isn't happening as much as I would like), seeing the hubs (obv v. important) and friends (if I still have any left), and blogging (which I love). So, i just take each day as it comes and see what I can fit in, and with the least amount of stress :)


  8. Your pizza looks delicious! I need to make some of my own pizza dough. As I didn't get my pizza yesterday I have a serious craving to fix! Hope you enjoy your run today x

  9. Hey great that you are doing so well in all your goals- and its fab that you two workout together- thats efficient use of time!
    Fun pizza too- I love making home-made pizza so much nicer than from the shop.

  10. never heard of pizza with hummous. Sounds worty of a try. Looks liek your goals are coming off well.