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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Weekly Totals

September Goals - Week 1
Run 3 times per week according to the Run Less Run Faster Plan 3/3, done!
Run 60 miles - done so far 8.7 (17.7 weekly 9 done in August) 51.3 to go
Do 120 push-ups over the month - done so far 10
Do 25 chin-ups over the month - done so far 2
Do 1 core workout a week - done so far - none! Been too sore from gymnastics, at least that is working my core.. Still, not the best start ever..
Do 1 gymnastics workout a week - done so far 2
Sugar-less September - Eat less sugar in September, I don't eat loads but I've been slacking a bit in the cooking department which has probably added sugar to my diet. Making more of my own meals and desserts would definately be a good idea and this could be the kick up the bum I need to do it! - Well, I decided to drop this, kind of, the sugar counting thing. It wasn't working in a positive way for me, I can easily get too obsessive about stuff and I realised I really don't eat that much actual sugar in my diet. I have decided to replace it with a September resolution to simply cook more from scratch. I feel I've been a bit lazy in the kitchen lately.

After Maria answered my running questions she wrote some of her own, of course I wanted to answer them :-)

1- Why did you start running?

I started running to better my stamina for boxing.. Strangely, I ended up loving it! I hated running during school as a lot of you probably already know - I think I've mentioned it a few times.

2- Where is your favourite place to run?

Over the humber bridge or on the track. I like trails too, I'm looking forward to attempting the Good Friday hill race again this year. It was my first ever race last year, 7 miles of steep hills, when Mike and I told the organisers it was our first race they looked at us like we were insane and asked if we were sure about doing it! We were both so glad we did even though it was horrendous, we agreed it couldn't get much harder! It was really good training as there aren't many steep hills round here.

3- What would your ultimate running goal be?

I have lots. I guess my main one at the moment is to run a sub 2hr half marathon. I wanted to do that this year and my training was going pretty well but I flopped on race day and missed it by a long shot. I'm going to try again next year but I'm beginning to wonder if that reaching that goal so soon was a bit unrealistic.

4- Have you ever sustained any running related injuries?

I've had shin splints a couple of times and I get sore knees but nothing too awful.. Doesn't mean I didn't grump about it majorly at the time though!

5-What is your must-have piece of running kit?

I love running with a garmin, it's made me really competetive with myself and I love looking at all the stats after a run and knowing my pace. I sometimes like to try and ignore it though, it can make me a bit obsessive with pace and not listen to my body as much as I should be.

6- What other sports/ exercise do you do alongside running?

Boxing and basic gymnastics for strength.

Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend, and hope all my American readers are enjoying their long weekend. What's everyone's plans for tomorrow? I'm debating doing my long run but Mike thinks I should leave it 'til Monday... I'm undecided as I might start work on Monday so it would be easier to fit it in tomorrow but my legs might appreciate me waiting... Hmm I don't know! Guess I'll see how they feel tomorrow.


  1. In my experience(!), LSRs are difficult enough, without adding unwanted stress. This is a difficult call though: Sunday, you might have tired legs; Monday, you might be pushed for time. I'd probably go with Monday though - it's neither wise nor fun to run on sore pins :(

    Good work on the goals too. I think relaxing about the sugar and cooking more from scratch is a good call :)

  2. Hey girl - thanks for sharing - enjoyed reading your answers. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend. We're heading to a baseball game this evening, tomorrow totally relaxation day (ok, some chores) then game again on Monday with my dad and step-mom.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, I think I'm going to go with Monday, my legs are feeling a bit tired so perhaps best not to push it! Gymnastics it is I reckon :-)

  4. Sounds like a good idea to change up your sugar less september goal if it wasn't working out for you, hope you enjoy getting busy in the kitchen! I'm planning on enjoying my rest day today, I have loads of stuff to do though - including catching up with blog reading! x

  5. fab idea with changing the eat less sugar for home cooking challenge! great plan

  6. Oh good answers to those questions :)

    Good plan on changing the goal- if you are pretty happy with your diet then making the goal into cooking more from scratch sounds like more of a fun goal than cutting stuff out.