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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sleepy, Hungry but Awesome 4 Miles

I've had my first two days at work, I'm really loving it so far, there's some real characters! I'm going to keep this post pretty short as I'm almost asleep - up since 5.30 eeeesh - and that left me rushing... 5.15 wakeup call tomorrow! I could get up later but that would mean missing Roxie's walk and I don't want to do that!

I didn't do my planned 10 miles yesterday. I didn't realise I couldn't leave the work premises on my break and as I was planning to go home for lunch didn't eat any :-( There wasn't anything there I would have eaten. I have never been happier to find a nakd bar lurking in the depths of my bag, even my least favourite flavour nakd bar hehe but it wasn't enough fuel for 10 miles.

I planned my food a bit better today but I still didn't take enough, guess I'll figure it out soon enough! I did my tempo run when I got home today. I decided to cut the warm up and cool down miles as I was really hungry before I set out and just wanted to get it done so I could get home and have my tea! Maybe that's why I ran so fast!

I was scheduled to do 4 miles at short tempo pace which is 8.17, here are my splits

Mile 1 - 8.26
Mile 2 - 8.10
Mile 3 - 8.21
Mile 4 - 7.51

Overall 4 miles in 32.48 average pace 8.12 yipeeeee that's almost a minute off my previous fastest 4 mile time!

Well I'm going to get off and read a few more blogs before bed, which I think will be calling my name reeeally soon haha.. Hope everyone's had a good day :-)


  1. Glad work is going well! Awesome times yet again, your doing so well :-)

  2. Oooohhh no lunch you poor thing! I would go mad! I'm glad you're enjoying work! x

  3. Glad you're enjoying your new job! I still have days when I don't take enough food in for a shift. It's surprising how the appetite can increase when you're nursing because it's so physically and emotionally draining. Love it though.

    Thanks for your comment re. my IBS. I feel a sense of relief that I have such supportive readers. The war with my digestive system continues! :P


  4. Hope this doesn't double up - having trouble commenting...

    Glad you're enjoying your work so far but that stinks that you can't leave for lunch. Get some rest!!!

  5. there are quite some characters where i work too. makes things wicked interetsing :)

    go get some rest giiiirl! but great running despite being so busy :)

  6. That's a darn speedy 4 miles for a lady who was hungry and had been up since 5.30!

  7. Glad you are enjoying the new job.

  8. Nice splits!! Glad you're liking the job :)

  9. glad work is going well hun! x

  10. That bites that you can't leave work for lunch! Glad you had a bar to sustain you :) And good job on the run girlie, you are fast! Now go get some shut-eye :D

  11. Your run looks awesome. Speedy! Glad you're enjoying your job. :)

  12. Congrats on the time improvement!

    What's your least favoured Nakd variety? For me its Banana Bread (as it tastes of amonia). For Trek its the Peanut & Oat (?) as its too bland.

  13. It's the gingerbread one, it's a bit too spicy for me hehe, I'm the same as you on the treks and chocolate is my fave! Total chocoholic over here!

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