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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I forgot to put todays workout on my earlier blog post.. We did a gymnastics workout today. I had planned to go for my tempo run but I've had an off tummy since last night. I'm blaming some M&S goats cheese en croute thingummybobs Mike and I ate last night.. They were way too rich! I didn't read the label thoroughly until I got home and then noticed they had 118% of an adults daily saturated fat in one portion!! Is that even allowed... I don't think it should be haha.. There's another reason I need to cook from scratch more often, then you know exactly what's gone into your food! Anyway my stomach has been cramping all day and I was a bit scared to run. I can still do a run tomorrow (Thurs) and one on Saturday to keep up with my programme. All is not lost!

I really feel like I'm starting to make progress on the dreaded handstand.. Why can't I do it!! Today I managed a bit better, still can't flip over properly my legs fall like dead weights before I've got them over my head. I think it's something in my head holding me back.. I'm being a bit of a wimp I think haha. The headstands seem to be helping me get used to the positioning without feeling like I'm going to fall on my head and break my neck though.. I wonder if I'm the only person who struggles so much with handstands! The handstand push-up is a million miles away!

The rest of the workout was some tuck L-sits - not good on the iffy tummy... Needed too much core control which I couldn't seem to muster... Back lever progressions which are coming on slowly but nicely and some frog stands, one of which I oh so gracefully exited by almost falling nose first on the floor... I wonder why I was never too great at ballet...

Hope everyone's had a good day, any good plans for tomorrrow? My number one is to get my tempo run done I could be starting work any day now so I'm enjoying the luxury of running when I feel like it and not when I can fit it in!


  1. Ick sorry to hear about tummy troubles. I know that if I eat anything too rich or totally off from what I normally would, it gets me in a bad way.

  2. Sorry about the dicey tummy. I've got a tempo run on the docket for tomorrow as well.

  3. gymnastics!! you do the coolest workouts everrr!!
    I hope your tummy is better!! you will rock that tempo run! I love running at all different times of day!

  4. Hope you'Re feeling better :)

    I've got a 12K to run tomorrow...I'll probably put in a few hills and test the knee a bit. Apparently the half I'm doing this weekend has a few good ones...yikes!

  5. I've run with an upset tummy before. Not worth the risk! :D

    Have you tried handstands in a swimming pool?

  6. Good luck for the 12k Anne, hope your knee holds out well!

    Alison - I've not tried doing a handstand in a swimming pool before, does it help?

  7. Sorry about your stomach, hope you feel better soon, the handstand will come soon I'm sure, your work outs sound like a lot of fun.

  8. Gymnastics workout? Oh my...don't tell our coach about such a thing...I have a very scary stairs/hill workout on the go today.
    (i gave you an award...enjoy!)

  9. 118%?? that's ridiculous! No wonder your tummy feels off. I too have run through those funny tummy feelings and don't recommend it!

    - CJ