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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Resistance Training (aka intervals in the wind...)

Hope everyone's having a good week! Mine has started off well, been training at work so hours are a bit odd - 9.30-4.30. Not bad hours at all but not as good as the early or late shifts.. I don't like something that cuts right accross the middle of the day... I'm working less hours but I'm getting less done... how does that work?

I did something I very rarely do today. That was get up early to go running, before breakfast, and before coffee! A very rare occurence! I'd planned intervals today, Mike very reluctantly came along. He was trying to pursuade me to skip them but I wasn't going to budge. I feel like I lost so much fitness when I struggled to fit everything in when I was working at H&B. I'm determined not to let that happen again, even if it does mean occaisonally going without my morning coffee!

It was not a pleasant run today. I probably should have warmed up more, my legs felt like dead weights. We also had loads of out and backs to do which slowed me down more than I thought it would. The worst thing was the wind though. We're apparently going to have gale force winds by the weekend. Well that throws a spanner in my running works! Here's to hoping the weather man got it wrong!

Here's my times, the time I was supposed to run it in is in brackets so you can see how much I struggled this morning! Still, I was putting in the effort so even though it wasn't quite right it will have done me some good.. I have to remind myself to think of the positives when I don't hit a time goal!

1600m - 7.46 (7.44)
1200m - 6.12 (5.42)
800m - 4.00 (3.44)
400m - 1.52 (1.50)

I'm going to have to keep this short 'n' sweet. I hope to be able to catch up on all my blogs asap but tomorrow I'm going to be going non stop too as I have a trustee meeting til about 8


  1. i've found that most of my really early runs are kind of iffy. just like you said: my legs take awhile to warm up!

    but props to you for getting out there in the wind! wind is always the worst

  2. Running in the wind is no joke. It's tough so you should be happy with your time!

  3. Way to go running early, personally I find it hard. Good luck with your day tommorow!

  4. Good job getting out there and running in the wind! :)

  5. Running in the wind will be responsible for any time difference.

    I read (the headlines of) a study on the effects of wind on running and whilst it helps push you along if its from behind the benefit is considerably less than the amount it slows you down if you run into it. Side winds also slow you as they effect your gait and energy is expended maintaining a straight line.

  6. Those are still pretty decent times! And without your morning coffee too. That could well have had just as much effect as the wind ;)

    Hope work going well

  7. I think those are great times, especially in the wind, and especially without the benefit of a group! And maybe you'll find out you like those morning runs-you never know...

  8. You were still pretty close! Bonus points for dealing with the wind!

  9. Running in the wind is just as bad as running hills! Great job getting out there!

  10. Well done for getting up early and run before breakfast ;)