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Friday, 17 September 2010


I'm just wondering, how does everyone cope fitting in work, relationships, exercise, hobbies, housework etc into their life. I just never seem to have the hours in the day to do everything I want to do. Lately I feel like Mike is getting fed up at me going running after work as we don't spend as much time together as we would both like. I don't want to let my fitness slip like I did last time I started work but I have no idea how to cram everything into my day. How do you guys cope? Do your partners get fed up when you go for a run instead of spending time with them? I totally understand where he's coming from he's not started uni yet so at the moment he's at home all day by himself so when I come home for 5 minutes get changed and leave again I can see how it's annoying but... I don't want to give anything up!

The time management tips I've been using so far are
  • Make lists with short daily tasks
  • Try and be realistic about what you can acheive
  • Be an opportunist - if you have a bit more time one day than you expected, get ahead of your list/diary
Yeah.. that list is a lot more dire than I thought it was going to be when I started writing it haha Can you add anymore for me?

Well the thoughts behind this post came about today when I finished work early and decided to get my long run out of the way a day early. That means hopefully I can do next weeks long run on Sunday as I have a pretty hectic week coming up. I think Mike was a bit miffed that I got a few hours off work and went running instead of chilling out at home..

I had another great run though! Whoever I borrowed these lungs from ain't getting them back!

8 miles in 1.08.59 average pace 8.38 (planned pace 8.47, score!)

Mile 1 - 8.58
Mile 2 - 8.42
Mile 3 - 8.55
Mile 4 - 8.54
Mile 5 - 8.38
Mile 6 - 8.31
Mile 7 - 8.30
Mile 8 - 7.53

I was really feeling the run again! If things stay like this I'll be one happy bunny! I could have gone faster but I don't want to burn out and lose this new found speed and ease, I hope it sticks around for Sunday when I can toddle off on my 10 miler having been inspired by the Great North Run, the more I read about it on people's blogs the more I wish I was running it! Good luck to everyone who's running it. Big shout out to Laura who will be running her first half marathon!

Before I go, I've got another question today - pretty much blog unrelated! I've been asked to bring my clarinet into work next week on Friday. The residents all have severe dementia and are between 60 and 90 so they will mainly remember pieces from their youth... I'd like suggestions of pieces to have a go at learning before Friday! So far I'm thinking of old musicals and pieces like Summertime and Send in the Clowns, maybe some war tunes... Any suggestions are welcome! I'm really nervous it's not music I'm used to playing! And I don't really have the money at the moment to go buy sheet music so I'll have to learn it all by ear... That should be ok so long as I can remember it on the day haha!


  1. I used to go to the gym 3 nights a week and once at the weekend and I know the husband hated it, moreso because I don't drive so he was always running me around and not being able to settle at night.

    I'm lucky in that I only work part time so now I walk to the gym in the afternoons and once over the weekend.

    Are you in a position to run before work? I know it's hard to get up and train straight away but on the occasions that I have I would feel amazing for the rest of the day!

  2. i just kind of put my head down and go. if i think too much about everything i want in my life it becomes too overwhelming and i'd never get anything done!

    i didn't know you played the clarinet! how cool. i played for a year wayyy back in the day for 5th grade. so i don't really have any suggestions. although musicals are ALWAYS a good choice in my book :)

  3. My hubby used to be a bit miffed at how often I work out but now is uber supportive as he realises the benefits we both get from it!
    You'll need to try & get Mike to go out with you sometimes. I'm sure you'll find some compromise though.

  4. Thanks for the advice JAG, I can sometimes run before work, if I'm doing the afternoon shift, morning shift starts at 6.45 so I can't see myself running before that.. I can usually run after the morning shift timewise though.. Typing this makes me think actually it will probably be a bit better next week when I'm back to usual shift times.. hopefully!

    Karyn, I 100% agree, can NEVER go wrong with a good musical number! Love them!

  5. I'm working on him Fudgey... He get's bored cause he is a speed demon haha! I love it when he comes with me though, he's better than headphones lol

  6. Sorry - I really don't have any advice on the running thing other than running before work if possible. It can get tricky I know. My hubby gets off work later than I do so I'm finished with workouts and he gets home and is ready to go for a bike ride and I'm ready for dinner. We try to compromise a bit I suppose - like he just doesn't do that every day.

  7. It is tough with work and life to fit in running. I try to do my runs in the morning because I know at night I will be spending time with my fiance or my family or friends. It is tough to get up in the morning but sometimes it is the only way I can fit everything in. And some days I don't feel like running after a long day of work. I also find that I do have to give up some things - If I want to run then I have to give up other hobbies I have like reading. I tend to read less when I am logging more miles.

  8. My hubby runs with me. Instead of taking time away from each other, its turned into a great bonding experience.

  9. Your right it is hard to balance it all, but before work is great if you can fit it in, convince him the nights are getting dark and you need is company to keep safe, another thing between us is I make sure whatever happens my other half is getting his you know relationship benefits then most everything else is forgotten and forgiven, if you know what I mean!

    The house ain't going to fall down if it's not sparkling I find a little cleaning every day usually keeps me on top of that. Texts, phone calls, emails to family and friends,another thing I do is keep a load of blank cards at home and send them off randomly to people in my life so they know I'm thinking of them even if I haven't seen them!

    I actually do my long runs during the week as not to impact on the weekend.Your be alright you just need to think of some creative ways to fit all in.

    Good luck with the clarinet playing that a great skill to have and thanks for the best wishes for the GNR.

  10. I do find it hard to fit everything in, I teach so it means up at 6 to get to work for 7:30 then home at 5 only to have dinner then sit and do more work until 9. And then there's fitting exercise in too! My H2B gets a bit annoyed but only because he feels I don't give myself enough 'me time'. It's hard. Could you make sure you arrange to do things together 1 night a week maybe so you can both look forward to it? Or maybe do a bit of exercise before work? It's lovely to know it's only becasue he loves you! :-) x

  11. It is difficult to fit so much in sometimes. I'm also lucky that I can work flexible hours so some days I'll start work at 7.30, finish at 4 and then hit the gym before James gets in from work at 6.30. Or I'll work out in the morning and say back a bit later. I often read and write my blog during breaks at work too. Its all a balancing act! When James has a Sunday off I try and make the effort to arrange working out so that its my rest day and can be spent with him. You could try chatting with him and agreeing certain times each week when you will just be spending time with him and workout around these. Thanks for the shout out!

  12. Fitting it all in can be really tough. Yeah just got to get it done the best you can. I got lucky with a spouse that runs and puts up with my ultra marathon madness but even then its hard.
    Keep on running

  13. You understand where Mike is coming from but surely he has to see how hard it is for you? You had all that time to fit things in before starting job now you're all over the shop with your hours etc. I only really got into health and fitness AFTER I started working full time (and AFTER I moved down the country and started commuting) so I can't remember a time when I had acres of time to fit my workouts/cooking in. Housework suffers and sometimes other half suffers when he doesn't pull his weight (he works full time but only has a 20 minute drive each way to work so if I have to spend too much time prodding him to do basic housework I start to see red.....KILL MAIM DESTROY! I'm no Monica Geller but grot tends to build up pretty quickly :( I'd left a comment on Chrissie's blog about how you have to just have to get workouts in here and there and not be rigid about them - seems even more important for you if you work weird hours. I work the same hours but even then if I have to get a train half an hour earlier a morning workout is just not going to happen. And I definitely do less midweek workouts now because burnout happens when I go too hard at it. Still get at least 5 sessions in most weeks though. Good luck figuring out what works for you girl! :)

  14. I tend to get nothing done around the house! I'm either out singing (choir) or running most evenings, and I work all day ... Fortunately my husband doesn't mind. He's not a neat freak, and freelances so he actually has more time to do stuff around the house!

    You'll adjust to each other's schedules. This is still very new! Maybe schedule some runs together?

    I know there's a site that has free sheet music that is reputable, I'm going to try to find out what that is for you. Not sure what they'll have ... but I'm guessing you can probably sneak some classical pieces in there too!

  15. Awesome run! Really impressive!

    You've had lots of advice about balance already, which is good as I couldn't really help.. It makes me realise how lucky I am being able to manage my own time though. Maybe being a single PhD student isn't so bad after all.. Keep us updated on how you figure stuff out. And good luck with the clarinet next week :)

  16. I never understand how people manage to balance everything- especially when they blog! Are you training for a run at the moment? I was just thinking that if you are not in training then you could scale your runs back to 3 miles until Mike is at Uni, or set him the job to cook dinner for your return! At the end of the day life is hectic for most people and people just have to do what they can, I'd let Mike know he's your priority but you need to be fit and healthy to be the best for him.

    Good luck with the clarinet!

  17. Thanks so much everyone for the replies. There's some great advice here! We had a chat about it today so hopefully next week and when he goes back to uni things will start falling into place a bit better.

    I really appreciate all the kind words and advice here.

  18. Hi! Just read your most recent post, which led me here first;-)
    I think it's good for Matt to understand that you'll actually be way more present and a 'great' partner when you get those workouts in. That's what I've learned for myself. My DH and I are now going on 11 yrs, and it's been a learning process, but we know we each need our 'thing' or two daily to be who we are.

    And...with the clarinet. I think that is just beautiful what you're doing. And really, abc or mary had a little lamb, would prob be great. That's just really sweet;-)

  19. I know I am late to this and not sure how your shifts work but I tend to run in my lunch break when I have a heavy week. It's limited to short 30 minute runs round Hyde Park but it does do the trick and keeps my exercise quota where it should be. I guess it's about being opportunistic in some instances!

    However, my boyfriend lives in a different country and is a fell runner so he understands my exercise needs when he is here. I also hate the housework so I only ever do it at the weekend! *lazycow*