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Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Run of Every Weather

Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend! I packed more than enough food yesterday.. I think I must have had eyes bigger than my belly when packing my pasta portion cause I only managed to eat half. I think partly I only managed half cause I was a teeny bit upset.. One of the residents clocked me right on the nose and reduced me to tears. How embarrassing. The boxer who can't be hit haha, I've been hit much harder but it totally caught me off guard. I hope I react better next time it happens! She did get me hard though it still hurts today lol!

I had a 10 mile long tempo run planned for today. Even though my headphones did eventually arrive just before I was about to head out for my run I'd spent the best part of the morning trying to pursuade Mike to come with me. He finally gave in and said he'd run with me on the condition that we go to the river trail. I said ok and waved goodbye to my pace goals, which I'd ever so carefully plotted out here and scrawled on my hand..

10 mile plan: Goal pace 8.47!!!!!
Miles 1-3 9.17
Mile 4 - 8.57
Mile 5-6 - 8.47
Mile 7 8.37
Miles 8-10 8.17

They will have to wait for my next 10 miler, which I think is scheduled fairly soon and even then I'm not sure this pace is remotely possible.. I knew I would not hit these goals as the trail route is hilly and rough terrain. We ran on concrete, gravel, mud and grass during todays run. Miles 1-2 were on concrete, miles 3-8 were a mix of gravel, mud and grass, mainly gravel and miles 9-10 back on concrete.

We also had the wierdest, and most annoying weather. Strong wind was going against us constantly for the first 5 miles. It's an out and back run almost all in the same direction. Mike kept saying don't worry the wind will help you on the way home... Almost exactly as we finished mile 5 and turned around the wind completely disappeared. It was totally still... wth?? I guess at least it wasn't that magical wind that somehow seems to be against you regardless of direction.. That would have made me so sad!

We also had a random rainstorm which lasted about half a mile but mostly it was hot sunshine.. After seeing AnneMarie's post the other day I decided to forget feeling insecure and stripped down to my sports bra (it's quite big and looks like a crop top)... As I did I swear some prissy bitch laughed at me. Instead of feeling fat and putting it back on I thought I'd like to see her run 10 miles, or go one round with me in the ring... her choice! I would put money on her not surviving either ;-)

The particular route we ran I have only run once before and had my worst run ever - recapped here! I went at it with a much better attitude today and even though I totally missed my time I feel ok, I don't think I could have done much better and the wind and hills will make me stronger!

10 miles in 1.32.18 = 9.14 pace

Mile 1 - 9.13
Mile 2 - 9.54 (hill+wind)
Mile 3 - 9.02
Mile 4 - 9.03
Mile 5 - 9.28
Mile 6 - 9.01
Mile 7 - 9.05
Mile 8 - 10.12 (killer steps - they made me cry last time haha)
Mile 9 - 8.48
Mile 10 - 8.34

I'm glad I got a negative split and finished strong. That was my main goal of the run, if only the wind had stuck around and helped me out it might have been stronger haha..

I'm sure most of you have probably seen the OIAJ (oats in a jar) creations floating around the blog world.. I finally got round to trying it, I had mine in a peanut butter jar with some set honey... It's really nice, Mike quickly got in on the action and I had to make some more (I'd been saving two jars).. I'll definately be making this again!

Yum! - What's your favourite OIAJ creation?


  1. I've noticed, it's not just me then(It's a very practical way of not wasting a scrap and makes it easy to clean too:)?!!!

  2. negative split & finishing strong?! awesomeness :)

    and i've never had oiaj *gasp*. partly because i never remember and partly because i use the HUGE tubs of pb so eating out of them is hard

  3. Ouch on the hit. Sometimes just the right/wrong spot is all it takes. And "As I did I swear some prissy bitch laughed at me. Instead of feeling fat and putting it back on I thought I'd like to see her run 10 miles, or go one round with me in the ring... her choice! I would put money on her not surviving either ;-)" Seriously too funny. That is SOOOOO the attitude you must have girl. You rock!

  4. I've never done mine in a jar ... but I've been making 'overnight oats' in tupperware containers all summer (I don't like hot oatmeal when it's warm out). I mix my oats with either plain yogurt or milk ... if yogurt I like adding honey for sweetness and I always add cinnamon. When blueberries were cheap I added handfuls to the mix. Yum!

    And, it turns out you don't really need to leave it overnight. My 25-minute commute is long enough!

  5. Sorry to hear you got hit at work, some residents can be difficult, hope your ok. Can't believe some bitch laughed when you took your top off, your exactly right - bet she can't run like you can! I have one of those big jars of whole earth, I can't wait until its all used up and I can make OIAJ again!

  6. I'm guessing tha when the resident caught you one you countered with a quick jab with the left and a knockout right upper cut?

  7. Well done on the run! I can only ever dream to run that far! xx

  8. Well done on the run, especially with the different terrains and the wind (it was windy yesterday). Well done you for not being intimidated by others- if you are hot then why not run in a crop top? Like you say, I bet she couldnt run 10 miles!
    I have never had oats in a jar, but I really should as I hate cleaning out the jars once they are empty. Next time maybe......
    Maria :)

  9. Oh my god, someone laughed at you when you took your top off? That's horrible! I'm glad you didn't let it get to you and like you say, I bet she can't do half the stuff that you can. Be proud!!

    Love OIAJ!!

  10. I cannot believe someone laughed at you! Maybe she had thought you were stripping to naked and then laughed with relief to see you had a sports bra on ;)

    I remember being punched in the nose by a kid I worked with, your eyes automatically tear when you get hit in the nose and it is sore! I also had one kid stick his finger so far up my nose it gushed blood in the swimming pool! We were in the deep end so I had no floor or walls to push off from to get away from him!

  11. Hope your nose is ok now :)

    That's a really good time for rough and hilly terrain - tempo running is about keeping your HR up, and I bet you managed that. So even though you didn't hit your pace goal, I bet you pretty much hit your fitness goal.

    That prissy b1tch is probably underfed, exhausted and miserable. Good on you for not giving a toss about what she thinks. She's hardly the best judge. I run in my sports bra when it's really hot. Even though I'm not remotely overweight, I still get that stomach wobble, but I care more about keeping my body temperature down so I can run faster than I do about my belly. So basically I've just transferred my vanity from looks to running goals :D

  12. Hi Laura,
    You are getting faster girl! I think that you have a great 10 mile goal and should have no problem with it:) It is really too bad that miss prissy lacks class! I would love to see you in the ring with her:)

    I hope that you are having a fantastic weekend Laura!

  13. Oh no poor you getting hit on the nose!! I hope it is not sore anymore - bless you x

    I love OIAJ, i tried them for the first time recently and can not wait to get to the bottom of my current PB jar to do it all again!

  14. Nice post!
    Keep it up and more power!

    scarlet cloudveil