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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Twice Baked Potatoes

Thanks for all the responses to my last post! I'm so glad you guys don't think I'm grumpy haha :-) Hope everyone's having a good day. I've had a good productive morning before my late shift today, I'm glad to be back on earlys and lates rather than middle of the day. I just seem to fit so much more in and then I'm not a major stress head!

Tia's impression of me being a stress head (maybe??)

Mike and I did some gymnastics stuff this morning, we didn't do a finisher as both of our legs are shot from yesterdays 10 miles. Poor Mike, he hates running those sort of distances but I try to pursuade him to come, it's good to have a running buddy plus it means we get more time together, it's a win win, for me at least! For the workout I did

Headstands (tried mainly to be free from the wall)
L-sit progressions
Back lever progressions
Frog stands

I didn't do any handstands today, still trying to get used to doing the headstands, it feels so wierd when all the blood rushes to your head. Mike assures me this will stop happening soon but he's been saying that a while now...

Roxie's not so sure...

It's a hard life being a dog!

When I'm doing the late shift I try to have a more filling lunch as I don't have lots of time to eat at work and I'm quite a slow eater. Today I made a recipe my gran taught me. Twice baked potatoes. They're a real yummy treat and definately very filling!

Start off by scooping the middles out,

Mash the middles with some S&P and milk

Add some grated mature cheddar

Fill the skins back up and top with a little bit more cheese


Enjoy with salad and a salad cream dip!
I'm pretty sure that will hold me through 'til tea time! Speaking of tea I'd best get off and make myself some else I'll be pretty hungry tonight at work! Hope everyone's had a good day :-)


  1. Ooh, my mum made twice baked potatoes recently. They're amazing!

    You know with the head-/hand-stands, the best advice I've ever had is, if you feel uncomfortable with something, then DO IT EVERY DAY :-)

  2. i'v never actually made twice baked potatoes before. mostly because i hate cooking things once let along again ;)

  3. Those potatoes look fab, I haven't had a baked potato in ages!

  4. I've never made twice baked potatoes. What a yummy appetizer idea! So funny how dogs act isn't it. You'd think they just worked their little paws to the bones day in and day out ;-)

  5. I want those spuds NOW!! YUM! x

  6. These look very tasty! I had a baked potato today for the first time in ages, and really enjoyed it :o)

    You have won a blog award - check it out here

  7. Oh those potatoes look yummy- have not had a baked potato in ages.

  8. yum - looks so good! I haven't had those in forever!

  9. Alison, that's just the kind of good advice I don't want haha! Really I'm sure I should do though... maybe one a day could make all the difference!

    Thanks for the award embrace nutrition :-) I'm sorry I don't know your name!

    Glad everyone likes the look of the potatoes, they were really yummy. Always good comfort food!

  10. It's really no wonder you were grumpy- I would have had trouble keeping my mouth shut about it! The potatoes look really good, I love potato skins so I think I would like those!

  11. I love twice baked potatoes! Mmm cheesy goodness!

  12. This one looks delicious. We baked potatoes but we don't scoop the middle part of potato, we just cut it out and topped it with cheddar cheese.
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