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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Bodyweight Strength, Animals and BBQ'd Fruit..

Hope everyone's had a good sunday. I had a fairly lazy day after I'd done some training. We spent a while playing with Roxie in the garden I took lots of pics and when I was uploading them I found these pictures from the other day. I made some BBQ pulled jackfruit, it was the first time I'd had jackfruit and I'm not 100% sure of it... I really wanted it to be like this sandwhich I had in a Disney water park when I was a child and it just wasn't the same.. I guess I had too high expectations! It was a pretty nice healthy recipe though, find it here.

Ingredients and slow cooker

Jackfruit goes from this...

...+ BBQ sauce to this... this!

I did some work on getting my push-up and pull-up numbers up today. Trying to get that strength back before it disappears completely! I did a quick circuit which would have been easy a few months ago but today was really tough!

1 chin-up
5 push-ups
30s plank

x 6

I confess, I had planned on 10 rounds but my shoulders were so sore! I did do a little boxing after. Five 1 minute rounds, enough to work up a good sweat!

Here's some animal pics I snapped earlier, drastically cut for the blog as I do get snap happy! I love pictures of the pets :-)

Tia, unimpressed to be modelling whilst doing more important activities..



This our neighbours dog Blue, she's a Weimaraner crossed with a Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is absolutely beautiful and knows exactly where to stick her nose to get the odd dog treat and stroke...

Love them all! I wish Blue could come and play in our garden too!


  1. Your blog is looking ace mate, really lovely! Your pets are uber cute :)

  2. Am very inspired by your bodyweight efforts! I am excited to get to work on it myself in a few weeks time :)

  3. I've never tried jackfruit myself. It looks like a great dinner though! I love Weimaraners. They are soooo pretty aren't they. Hope you've had a great weekend!

  4. 6 rounds is so great!!!!! i should do a circuit like that. i like how it's focused on just a few things, but a lot of rounds!

    yay animals!!!!!!! i love them! :)

  5. Your rabbit is so cute! I am a sucker for rabbots- don't have any pets but would love a rabbit!
    Great circuit too
    Maria :)

  6. I love that last pic of the dogs head through the fence, so cute!

  7. Great pictures, of the food ad your pets, thanks for sharing. I have to agree with Laura, the one of Blue poking her head through the fence is very cute.

  8. awww I lovee all your super cute animals! hugs!
    thank you for the camelbak idea! I know I will definitely need to use on when I marathon train. I hope youve been having a great weekend!

  9. I've never heard of jackfruit and I'm a bit of a fuit & veg addict - must try it
    Love the animal pics. My 4 kittys have been sticking close to me today as I took a recovery day after yesterday's half - they've been so cute!

  10. In fact scrub that i'm having trouble full stop with your bloggy just now its not letting me comment properly!

    I said, I've also never heard of Jackfruit. i love your neighbours dog, i love ridgebacks i'd have one in a second! Roxie is so lovely, shes a real cutie! And sorry for the sporadic commenting i'm still having probs opening your bloggy from work! x

  11. Pets are the best...
    Jackfruit? I have never heard of this but it looks awesome.

  12. The chinups are impressive! That is one of my goals, to be able to do some pullups on my own without help. :)