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Sunday, 12 September 2010

September Goals Week Two

Hope everyone's had a good weekend. I've had a pretty relaxing day, got some cleaning done, I unfortunately managed to dye a load of washing blue after accidentally washing some new jeans with other stuff, not all darks. I've ruined my half marathon t-shirt... Mike said I could have his but I'm totally gutted! I emailed the race directors to see if they had any left, I want one to keep since it was such a special day! I've never done that before!!

We also went to my mum and dad's for a BBQ, my dad's favourite thing to eat is BBQ, we do them as often as possible over summer, starting as early as possible haha the vaguest hint of sun and my dad has the BBQ out... We got a bit rained off today so it might have been the last for the year!

I'm on track so far for my September goals, pretty much... Breaking longer term goals down really helps I think.

September Goals - Week 2

Run 3 times per week according to the Run Less Run Faster Plan Week 1 and 2 done!
Run 60 miles - (18 for the week) 33.3 to go
Do 120 push-ups over the month -80 done so far (40 for the week) 40 left
Do 25 chin-ups over the month - 15 done so far (7 for the week) 10 left
Do 1 core workout a week - done so far 1
Do 1 gymnastics workout a week -2 done so far (0 for the week - I always miss something out! Dammit!) 2 in total
Cook more from scratch - This has been going well, I'm going to start posting more of my cooking!

Speaking of cooking, Hotchoc26 (sorry I don't know your name!) requested the recipe for my pastabake.. I don't know specific amounts so this will be a bit sketchy but here goes! It's a total lazy girl/clean out the freezer dish!

Cook enough for about four portions of wholemeal pasta, I used penne. In a seperate pan fry off some quartered mushrooms. While they're cooking away switch on the oven to heat up and start making the sauce. The sauce was two tins of tomatoes, garlic powder, porcini mushroom powder, s&p, handful of fresh basil and about a tablespoon of tomato puree. After the pasta and mushrooms were cooked I stirred the sauce through and added a packet of defrosted quorn burgers, I would normally use quorn mince or quorn meatballs but I was all out. Top it with a layer of grated mature cheddar and bake in the oven for about 15-20minutes until the top is lovely browned! Serves 4-6

I was going to post a picture of my lunch for tomorrow. This was until I was halfway through cooking it and realised I had run out of not one, but two component ingredients... Lunch fail! Oh well, I'll be rethinking that one!


  1. great goals for the week. i like how you're setting breaking the goals down weekly. makes hitting them so much more manageable. keep it up :)

    and thanks for the recipe for the pastabake!

  2. Am super impressed that you're staying on top of your goals while starting a new job! I guess something had to give though - and it was the washing. Doh! I've done that so many times with new denims. It never gets any less annoying.. I hope they have a spare t-shirt for you.

    Looking forward to the cooking posts!

  3. Oh I hate it when I start to make something and end up out of ingredients. Hopefully they have some shirts left - that will be a very special shirt for a very special day!!

  4. Oh no about the washing! That is so annoying when it happens!
    Well don on the goal progress though, you are doing really well!

  5. Getting halfway through and finding I'm missing an ingredient only happens in one of 2 circumstances: either when I've just been shopping and annoyingly forgotten it or on Sundays after the shops have shut.

  6. Oh dear I hate it when that happens with laundry, hope you can get another tshirt! Well done on your goal progress too. Your pasta bake sounds really good - and like something that my hubby would like so I may try making that, thanks!

  7. GREAT job meeting your goals!! Happy Monday!

  8. Sorry to hear about you being clonked on the nose in your last post. Hope you're ok!

    Congrats on being on track with your September goals. I need to set some workout goals but at the mo I'm just trying to survive placement and uni work! :)

  9. Ha :D That's funny that your dad is BBQ-crazed. And way to go on those goals!! You sure are staying on top of them! I'm impressed that you do all of those workouts, you totally blow me out of the water ;)

  10. Oh you star! Thank you ssoooooooooo much! I'm defiantely going to give it a bash! It looked yum xx (p.s. my name's Charlotte!)