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Friday, 10 September 2010

Intervals and Pack-Ups

Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last post, my time never seems to last as long as I want it too haha this week has flown by!

I've just about fitted in my running, I did my intervals yesterday. I only just had time after spending two hours leisurly wandering around food shops with Mike and his mum. I love having the extra morning or afternoon time while still doing a full day, it seems like I have a lot more time than if I was working a 9-5 job... Anyway after losing track of time (thinking I had more than I did again) I got home and got changed into my running gear in lightening speed and headed out for my intervals.

The workout was supposed to be 10-20 minute warm up, which ended up more like a 3 minute warm up as I was really pushed for time... Better than nothing? Hopefully! Then it was four 1000m intervals in 4.42, you can see the ones with the slight incline again, you can barely see it but it definately makes it harder! I did a 400m RI in between each interval and then jogged home to a quick lunch and bath before work.

Warm up .25
1000m - 4.40
1000m - 4.37
1000m - 4.46
1000m - 4.37
Cool down .5

4 miles in total

I picked up a few bits and bobs when we were out shopping yesterday for my packed lunches. I'm still not taking enough food, I've ended up hungry every shift, I'm going to have to start being more creative! I've made a big pasta bake to take today and there will be more than enough for Mike's tea and several more meals too. It ended up a bit of a mish-mash, I started cooking the pasta then realised we were out of chopped tomatoes - store cupboard essential, how did this happen?! So I popped out the the local shop to get some, after making the sauce I realised we were also out of quorn mince and quorn meatballs, our usual pasta bake protein sources. So we have wholemeal pasta bake with chopped up quorn burgers haha hope it tastes ok!

Pasta bake
The rest of my tea

Fresh roasted hazelnuts
Lets see how this carries me over.. surely I can't end up hungry on this lot! I've got slow releasing carbs in the wholemeal pasta, lots of protein in the quorn, yoghurt and nuts, a banana for some fruit and a cheeky treat size chocolate bar, just because! I'll find out tonight! Oh, I'll be taking my own coffee too, just been informed I've been drinking decaf!! No wonder it hasn't been waking me up haha! Hope you all have a good Friday!


  1. Your pasta bake looks very tasty and I love hazelnuts too. Hope it keeps you going through your shift.

  2. yay intervals :)

    hopefully all that food tides you over (it looks amazing by the way!). lately i've just been famished all. the. time. so i'll be interested in seeing how this works :)

  3. Oh I adore hazelnuts. Yummy. I am always really bad about warming up long enough. I just want to get going with my run. Hope your day is a good one!

  4. Nice job on the intervals! Your pasta bake looks good!

  5. Now I am hungry! Sounds like you did well on those intervals--great job.

  6. happy friday!!!!!!!!!

    way to GO on those intervals!!!!

    and wow a pasta bake! looks incredible!!! i love how it's browned to perfection on the top.

  7. Mmmm pasta! I get so hungry when I'm working in a job thats more physical so packing snacks is a good idea! Hope your shift is going well!

  8. Roasted hazelnuts - nom! Hopefully the extra food and the proper coffee will keep you going tonight. Good work on the intervals too - it's during weeks like this that there's a real temptation to let it fall by the wayside. Impressed by your commitment :)

  9. Yay for intervals!
    Those hazelnuts look so good, I love hazelnuts!
    Good that you are planning things to take instead of grabbing stuff on the hoof when you are tired and rushed.
    Maria :)

  10. Hey! Just found your site! I love the pink boxing gloves! I've always wanted to try it!! Sometimes it's frustrating to have to pack food ALL day! I know the feeling. It's even more frustrating when you wind up STRAVING! I think I finally managed to pack just the right amount! It can be difficult though!

  11. Great interval training! I love it :D And that pasta bake looks to-die-for. Glad you are getting creative with your food, and figuring out things to take with you! That's a great way to stay on track!

  12. Mmm...Crunchie Friday!

    I ALWAYS run out of tinned tomatoes so now everytime I go shopping I buy a few tins and some passata. I think we get lulled into a false of security about tinned tomatoes but if I'm having a weekend cookathon I could easily use 3 tins so that explains where they go....

  13. YUMMY pasta bake, do you have the recipe? x

  14. Sounds like you had a good run. I love the little Crunchie bar - yum!