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Thursday, 25 March 2010

My worst run ever!

As you might have guessed by the title my run today was not good!! Everything seemed to be wrong!

Lets rewind to last night, 1 glass of Asti with my meal and tirimasu for desert, that was definately enough alcohol for me. I'm quite the lightweight and even though the wine was only 7.5% I could feel it! Anyway after the meal we went back to my granparents house, they don't like it when you don't join in and have a drink, I'm not sure why but they really don't! They weren't impressed with my request for a glass of water so I caved and had a small whisky and coke, well my grandad's small is my very large so this morning I woke up with a stinking hangover! Not my gran and grandad's fault, but I must say the oldies in my family are a bad influence :P

Anyway back to the run from hellll... I had set out to do 9 miles with Mike, we ended up running 7.25, we cut it short due to Mike's blisters bothering him a lot I'm a bit sad we didn't finish it but I didn't want him to hurt his feet.

I wanted to quit so many times during the run, it was a real mental battle to keep on running. I had wanted to try running 9 miles at my goal half marathon pace (9 minute miles), just to see if I could. I couldn't, not even close. My body just wasn't having any of it, my heart rate was sky high, I couldn't control my breathing, I felt so unfit. The hills absolutely killed me, there was one really steep one in the trail section of the run which was so steep and slippy I lost time going down it and getting up it, well, awful! My pace slowed to 12.25 on the way up and I just felt so gutted. We almost stopped completely halfway through the 6th mile, after this killer hill. I'm ashamed to admit why really but I want the blog to be honest, good and bad moments! I got really upset after the hill that I was going so slow and couldn't get my pace back up that I started to cry, and then I couldn't breath at all, we paused the garmin and sat on the floor until I'd sorted myself out. I'm glad no-one saw cause I felt so silly. Mike thought we should stop there but I pursuaded him I was ok to carry on, I really wanted to finish what I'd set out to do, I'm a bit gutted we had to stop for his feet but they were really painful for him so it was the right thing to do.

Right here's the garmin data!
7.25 miles in 1:12:54
Average pace = 10.04
Average heartrate = 182

Mile 1 9.21 HR 169
Mile 2 9.40 HR 183
Mile 3 10.05 HR 185
Mile 4 9.49 HR 185
Mile 5 10.12 HR 184
Mile 6 10.29 HR 183
Mile 7 10.59 HR 181
0.25 (9.29 pace doesn't say the time) HR 180 (this was the longest hill down, so maybe I would have made up a little time)

So, lesson learned, no alcohol before running, ever!!

Here's some cute Tia pictures to cheer up this post!


  1. it might have been a crappy run but you push through and finished it. thanks for sharing this run though because it totally helps me in accepting that bad awful runs happen to everyone. :)

  2. I had a total crapola run yesterday if it makes you feel any better. Here's to better days!

  3. Aloha! and well, in Hawaii...I am having alcohol, and it hasn't affected my workouts so far;-) but then again I'm tapering and know that Fri and Sat I'll have none to gear up for Sunday race;-)
    also, like your cute guy pics;-)

  4. it's def a process figuring out what makes runs go good or bad. mine is usually food related. for some reason alcohol doesn't effect me that much. sorry about your run :( we all def have those !!!

  5. You did pretty well to get through what you did, given the way you were feeling. The alcohol probably wasn't helping but I've got to say I have really crappy workouts sometimes and have NO booze in my just happens sometimes :(