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Tuesday, 9 February 2010


My leg didn't feel up to running yesterday so I swapped Mondays workout with Tuesdays so I'm interval running today! I never stick rigidly to plans, so long as I get the work done I'm not too worried when it gets done. So yesterday was rest in the morning and boxing in the evening. I was really hoping to do some sparring cause after the last session sparring there were some things I wanted to try out agains the southpaw and also I wanted to remember to work the body aswell as the head which I'd been forgetting.

Warm up -
10 minutes jogging/ stretching

Skipping - 6 x 2

Heavy bag - 8 x 2

Power circuit - 2 rounds/ 1st rd 20s each station/ 2nd rd 15s each station
    DB Shrugs
    Push ups
    Full jumping jacks
    Upright rows
    Leg raises
    Bench dips
    Db punches
    Box step ups
    Mountain climbers
    MB Slams
    Military press
    Sit ups with a twist
    DB Shrugs

Core - 15 minutes

Sparring - 3 x 2 minutes

Cool down - 10 minutes stretching

(Warm up and circuit included 35 push-ups)

I almost didn't get any sparring it was coming to the end of the session and I was a bit dissappointed but then my coach remembered he hadn't sparred me. I went in with our new coach.. he's coming down from another club three times a week. It was a tiring three rounds! He didn't really hit me but I had trouble hitting him, he moved a lot and kept switching from southpaw to orthodox which was really awkward. I tried out some of the stuff I'd been hoping to with the other southpaw like using the left hook and trying to get on the inside but it wasn't working brilliantly.. I also need some practice on what to do when I get people on the ropes or in the corner cause I did a couple of times tonight but I didn't take advantage and let him get out which would not have been too good if it had been a fight...

Off running intervals soon! 800m today, I hope my leg holds up ok.

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  1. good luck with your intervals and hopefully your legs cooperate. nice job in the sparring session: these sessions will just make you stronger!