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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Questions on injury

I wonder if anyone can help me here.. I have been experiencing some pain in my left shin during running and skipping at boxing. It's on the inside part of my shin and it hurts as I put my foot down and also to the touch if I press it lightly. I don't know if it's shin splints, can you get them in just one leg? And would they hurt kind of like a bruise if you touch them? I thought I had them before a few times and the pain was more towards the front of my shin and a lot sharper only when I stepped, this pain is like a dull ache. I'm just trying to decide whether or not I should be running tomorrow.. I really want to, I have my long run planned and if I don't do it I will only have run 3.9 miles this week which doesn't seem like enough! I have rested for a week a little while back and it didn't clear up, since the pain wasn't too bad I started up again, it's been bothering me since October/November time last year it seemed to clear up around December and then came back.. It doesn't hurt really badly I'm just concerned that it's not going away! Any ideas or opinions would be really appreciated thanks!


  1. i'd say that sounds like shin splits. i've had them in only one leg before and for me it's typically brought on my old shoes. have you replaced yours recently?

    but if youve had shin splints before and it really doesn't feel like that then i'd say go to the doctor. i know when i had shin splits i was wicked paranoid that it was something really serious like a sfx. but my money would be on shin splints

  2. i get sore shins when i am upping my mileage or when my shoes are too old. i use a bucket and fill it with ice water and stick my legs in - it reallllly helps!

  3. I say ice and rest and see what happens. I hope it goes away.
    To answer your question, I didn't study in England, dh was there for work. I took up English riding, yoga and had a great time. If only I were running more then!