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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

09/02/10 - Intervals from HELL!!

This is the weather I was greeted with this morning..the photo doesn't really do it justice, Mike and I really didn't want to go do our interval workout we had planned, especially when it started hail stoning on the jog there! Good old English weather! (also my garden looks awful, we moved house in October and we've had to completely do the whole house up as it was in a terrible state, believe it or not the garden looks loads better than it did when we moved in but it still needs lots of work)

AM - Intervals

1 mile jog warm up

5 x 800m intervals 90s rest between sets

1 - 3.28
2 - 3.45
3 - 4.02
4 - 4.00
5 - 3.48

5 x 60m sprint/60m walk jog -

total milage 3.9

Bit disappointed that I didn't manage to keep all my intervals under 4 minutes - that was my intention with the workout.. I know I wasn't far over but still that almost makes it more frustrating haha. I can't actually believe how horrible these intervals were, the first wasn't too bad but upon starting the second my legs felt so heavy and sore, I couldn't breath well and I felt so sick!! Around 200m in to every interval I started feeling sick, the last interval I nearly was sick!! Now that would have been embarrassing!! I know I couldn't have pushed it any harder though so even though I didn't quite acheive the pace I was hoping for I'm not too upset. My leg held out pretty well but it was hurting a lot towards the end and afterwards, it's settled down now.. I'm just not sure what to do with it it's not that bad but it's definately not right!

After Mike and I got home and had lunch I spent the afternoon baking :) I made the caramel apple spice cupcakes from Veganomicon, they're one of my favourite cupcakes. I made them with xylitol instead of sugar, wholemeal flour instead of white and applesauce instead of the oil so all in all they're pretty healthy. I also experimented with making my own icing sugar with xylitol but that was not so successful, consistency wise it worked perfectly but taste wise it was not so good, nice but it had a funny aftertaste.. it would probably be worth using normal icing sugar in future as it would taste a lot nicer

Who knew cats like cupcakes? (the cupcake isn't huge she's still a kitten)

Nice appley shot inside yummm

Chin-ups - 10 x 1
Push-ups - 15, 10, 5, 15, 10, 5, 15, 10, 10, 5 = 100
Isometric punches x 4 sets Jab/Straight/L.hook/R.uppercut

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  1. hail? i think i've only witnessed hail once in my life. and i secretly love the "i'm about to puke" feeling during intervals. probably a sign i'm pushing a bit too hard but whatever. it's hardcore. especially since you felt like it but didn't :)

  2. saw your comment from TeamMarcia's blog, and like the pink boxing gloves.
    and those are some fast sprints!!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! So glad to make it over here for a visit. That cupcake looks wonderful and what a cute kitty. I lived in England for a few years. Near Birmingham in Staffordshire. I'd love to get back one day!

  4. Very cute kitty! My cats love vegan cupcakes too!