Mileage counter

Sunday, 21 February 2010

19/02/10 and weekly totals

Minute drills - another last minute workout. Mike's fight had to get called off as his rib injury, which I think I've mentioned before, was too bad to fight with. So we decided to do minute drills.

30s burpees (with variations each repeat - normal, tuck jump, 180)
30s star jumps
30s high knee dumbell press
30s shadow boxing/mountain climbers

Weekly Totals
Miles - 0
Push-ups - 182
Chin-ups - 0
Pull-ups - 0
Neck exercises - 1
Isometric punches - 0
Wrist curls - 0
Core work - 1

Well my totals look well and truly awful this week, it was a back off week and I was resting my legs from my shin injury. My shin is feeling much better and I'm totally looking forward to running this week!! Annoyingly the snow started last night and is forecast all week... just my luck!! It could have come last week haha


  1. Hope your shins are feeling better! What's a 360 burpee?

  2. minute drills sound like hell. i'm assuming you do each activity hard for a minute? yeah not so much fun. but props to you for doing them :)

    glad your shins are feeling better too

  3. Hi Jess, I can't get to your blog to comment back on there, do you have one? My shins are feeling much better thanks! I'm off for a run today can't wait! A 360 burpee is like a regular burpee except in the jump section you do a 360 degree spin! Not very nice hah!