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Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Yesterday's workout was a bit of a hurried attempt! We were supposed to be going boxing but our lift had to cancel on us last minute. Mike had said to my dad earlier in the day that if we were not going boxing he would play table tennis with him so he let him know that was back on, this left us 40mins to fit in a workout and for Mike to get washed and leave.

We rushed into the backroom (where all our workout stuff is) and stuck on the Bas Rutten CD, 28 minutes of someone else telling you what to do makes it easier when you don't have time to figure a workout out. I checked on my blog, last time I did this workout I estimated I'd done about 30 push-ups... I actually did 110 this time so I must have been way out last time!!


  1. Hey - Check my post today for a little Sunshine!

  2. 110 pushups?! champ :)

    and thanks for the description of the medical. kind of what i suspected and good luck with it. when's the big date?