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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

January Recap

So this is what I wrote as my new years goals just before January I'll update my progress next to them in purple so I can see how I'm progressing.

New Years Goals

Complete half marathon (current 4 miles) As of end of January longest run/jog 8 miles
One mile in >7.30 (current 7.55) Not tested
Two miles in >15.30 minutes (current 16.23) Not tested
Three miles in >24.30 minutes (current 25.25) Not tested
Four miles in >35 minutes (current 37.50) Currently 35.47

Hold a plank for 3.30 minutes (current 2.30) No change
3 pull-ups in a row (current 0) No change
5 chin-ups in a row (current 1) As of end of January 4 but from 90 degree not dead hang
30 push-ups in a row (current 10) As of end of January 23!

Improve hooks and uppercuts – practice in sparring Have been attempting this one not landing much yet though!
Improve stance so weight is spread more evenly Again have been trying this but there is still room for improvement..
Angle off – don't stand square Same as above...
Win my first fight! Not fought yet!

New Years Resolutions
Do core workouts twice a week Done except for whilst poorly
Neck exercises once a week Done except for whilst poorly
Wrist curls once a week Done except for whilst poorly
Isometric punches once a week Done except for whilst poorly
Boxing three times a week Done except for whilst poorly
Running three times a week (distance, sprints and intervals) Not done as started program for aerobic base building, twice a week, will run three times a week in February but will be following 10 mile training plan. (this is the plan but I'm having to modify it to allow for sensible increases in milage)
Follow pull-up/chin-up plan Done except for whilst poorly - followed my own plan not one from a website or book

Monthly Totals - January
Miles - 47.1
Push-ups - 597
Chin-ups - 60
Pull-ups - 10 (partial reps)

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  1. looks like youre making some great progress through your goals for the year. and awesome work in january!