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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A few workouts and Italian food

It's been a while! I think this is the longest I've gone without updating! I missed writing Mondays workout cause it was my mum and dad's birthdays (they are both exactly the same age!!). We all went out to an Italian restaurant which was really nice and very indulgent!

Mike, Me, Gran, Grandad

A few (bad) pictures of the restaurant... my camera does not like low lighting!! - I loved the decor in this place, really quaint!

The waiter brought out olives and bread for the table, I had half a slice of bread and loads of olives, 2 slices of garlic bread, one normal and one tomato, some mozarella caprese.

For the main course I ate most of a vegetable pizza - gave three pieces to Mike, my brother and my dad otherwise I wouldn't have got through it hah! And I even had a desert, tirimasu, I was so full but it was worth it, the food was great!
My pizza
Mikes pasta
The best tirimasu I've ever eaten!
After the meal we all went back to my grandparents for some drinks, I didn't have any, much to my grandad's disappointment as I'd already had two with my meal and I'm a complete lightweight! Anyway all of this meant I didn't get home until 1 so I didn't feel like blogging then, just sleeping! Since then I've not had much time on the computer but hopefully that will change soon as mine should be getting fixed *fingers crossed*

I went running again!! So glad to be back out there! I did three 1 mile intervals..these interval workouts don't get any easier!!
1.2 mile warm up at 9.40 pace
mile 1 - 7.28!! new years resolution of a >7.30 mile check!! best aim for under 7 now!
mile 2 - 7.56
mile 3 - 8.19
0.83 mile cool down
Mile 3 was so frustrating, I'd hoped to get them all under 8 but I was just too tired. It would have been faster but some idiot driver drove onto the pavement in front of me so I tried to go around her for her only to drive back in front of me where I was going then. I think she was trying to park or turn around but she was making a right pigs ear of it and just got in my way completely. I wouldn't have been under 8 minutes if this hadn't happened but it would have been more like 8.10 I think. The second annoyance was my knee. It started hurting in the cool down.. I didn't think much of it until Tuesday when I could barely put my weight down on it. I'm getting seriously fed up with my body. It just keeps letting me down my shins fine and it's something else.

I was really tired after the late night on Monday and just not feeling very motivated. I wanted to do something but I didn't really feel up to much.. I suggested to Mike we give swimming another go since it would be easy on my joints. We did a little jog on the way there but nothing much (my knee felt fine here). We did 20 laps of the pool with a small breather between each lap which equalled to 1km in 30 minutes- not bad for the second time swimming in about 10 years! On the way home is when I started having problems. We had about 2-3 miles to walk home and about a third of the way home my knee started hurting so much I could barely walk.. WTF?? Jogging part of the way there is fine but walking is not? Body what are you playing at?

Strength - upper body only.
Dumbbell bench press 2 x 6 (7.5kg)
Dumbbell bent over row 2 x 6 (13.5kg)
Dumbbell curl 2 x 8 (6kg)
Push-ups on handles 2 x 4 (Sooo much harder on the handles!!!)
Wrist curls 35, 15 (17.5kg)
Reverse wrist curls 35, 15, 10 (10kg)

During the pm workout I got really stressed out with myself. The worst bit was the push-ups, I couldn't even do 5 on the handles and that got me. My body just felt exhausted, I feel like I keep adding rest to my workouts but keep feeling more run-down and fatigued. I'm getting so frustrated with myself.. During the workout Mike suggested he thought I would benefit from taking an extra rest day a week. I don't really want to cause it feels like taking a step backwards but it's just not working out the way I'm working at the moment. Like he said 5 good workouts a week are better than 2-3 good with the rest limited by fatigue...

I had a rest day today and I've devised yet another new plan which I'll post tomorrow... maybe this will workout better.. I hope so!! I've just re-read this quickly and I'm sorry how grumpy I sound today!!Cheery Laura is back tomorrow!


  1. That food looks lovely!! I am gluten free and miss good bread.
    Just discovered your blog!

  2. Oh, so cute to see a picture of you;-) nice food. i'm hungry now...!;-)

  3. love the first pic. looks like the night was really fun! bummer about the last mile repeat. but now youve got something to fuel you the next go-round. right? :)

    hope the knee stops being such a kill-joy. and that it makes up it's mind about when it wants to hurt!

  4. Looks like you had a really fun night! Hope your new plan works out well for you xxx

  5. mmmmm haven't gone for an Italian meal in ages. I live really far away from my favourite Italian restaurant now. :( Definitely my favourite cusine!

    I must dig out my push up handles, thanks for the reminder. ;)