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Friday, 5 February 2010


I ran a slow 6.6 miles today in 1.10.15 at 10.37 pace. The run was ok, my legs felt stiff at first but warmed up into it, I started off intending on keeping my HR below 150 but I wanted to go just a little faster and my average HR ended up at 163 for the jog.

Well I realised yesterday that I called this blog box, run, eat, and so far I seem to be mainly just covering the boxing and running so here's what Mike and I had for tea. One thing I like to do is try and take typically unhealthy foods and modify them in a way which makes them healthy, so we had cheeseburgers and chips tonight. The cheeseburgers were two quorn burgers each which are good for protein and low in fat, topped with low fat cheddar. I had mine on two slices of granary wholemeal bread and Mike had his on a wholemeal bun.

Started off with reduced sugar and salt ketchup, topped with onions and mushrooms fried in minimal oil.

Then topped with shredded iceburg lettuce and pickle - no burger is complete without pickle

Burgers and melted cheese - you can see Mike's double burger in the background

With a side of home made chips - potatoes baked in the microwave, chopped with the skins on and baked in the oven until crispy, I don't use any oil cause I use a non stick baking sheet.

And finally, a little sweet treat, the brownies from this post, topped with a peppermint icing, a new batch anyway, the ones from that post are looong gone!!

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  1. so tea time is a real event?! what does it consist of? i think that custom should make a move to the other side of the pond just for me :)