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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Weekly totals

I've decided to include a little more information in my weekly totals in line with my goals per week so I'm more accountable, for example, when I miss neck exercises - my least favourite exercise ever!! Those neck bridges just make me feel sick and dizzy but Mike and I ordered a neck strap off ebay yesterday so hopefully I can try using that instead of doing the bridges and not feel so yucky! Think I need to increase my chin-ups and pull-ups - my numbers have really slipped!

Miles - 15.6
Push-ups - 194
Chin-ups - 5
Pull-ups - 0
Neck exercises - 0
Isometric punches - 1
Wrist curls - 1
Core work - 2

I've also devised a new training plan with mike so and I've tentatively decided to try running twice a week instead of three times, my legs aren't recovering very well at the moment, so I've decided to see if two times works better than three. Although I'd really like to train for a good time in the half marathon, boxing is my main focus so I don't want my running to hinder my boxing performance. I need to finish the half marathon as I'm running it for a charity which is close to my heart but I don't want to get too stressed out on getting a great time.. I hope I can increase the running again once I get used to it a bit more though.. (sorry the picture is a bit crappy if you click on it it's clear)

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