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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Weekly totals and blog award

I almost missed this award, didn't notice my name in the list - silly me!! Such a cool award too, Marcia from Teamarcia gave it to me in a list of blogs who inspire! So sweet, thanks Marcia it really made me smile!! If I follow your blog or ever comment on your blog consider yourself tagged cause all the blogs I read are awesome and I can't just pick a few!

Weekly Totals

Miles - 8.37
Push-ups - 68
Chin-ups - 15
Pull-ups - 0
Neck exercises - 1
Isometric punches - 1
Wrist curls - 1
Core work - 1

Wow those push-up totals look so low!! I have been experimenting doing them on the handles which are way harder - to me anyway, and also the tempo push-ups which I can't do very many of. Even though they have decreased my totals this week they will hopefully raise them in the long run, same with the chin-ups. Man I was sore the day after I did the tempo versions of both exercises, it's been working well for Mike doing it that way though so hopefully I will see good results too.

Oh and I almost forgot... this is the only pic I have from the strong woman comp and it's horrendous! In fact I can't quite believe I'm posting it...


  1. Love your tattoo by the way! xx

  2. love the picture. seriously. :)

    and what defines a tempo pushup vs regular? is it the speed the way it is with running?

  3. Nice week and cute pic no matter what you think! 68 pushups looks like a ton to me as I've slacked since doing the 100 challenge.

  4. Yeah! both for the lil' bloggy award and for the COOL pic! thank you SO much for sharing!! and i don't know why you find that photo horrendous. it's actually quite cool. really.