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Monday, 1 March 2010


These intervals don't get any easier! Todays workout was sooo tough! But I got a new PR on my mile time!!! I could not believe it, I guess part of it must be because it was on a track and less windy than last time but still I'm pretty chuffed! The workout today called for 1 x 1600m, 2 x 800m, and 4 x 400m. It was supposed to be 400m rest intervals but I took walking time in between. 3 minutes after my mile, 90 seconds after the 800's and 60-90 after the 400's... it started off as 60 but I was so beat up by the end of this workout it just wasn't enough after some.

1 mile warm up - just under 9 minute pace, a bit faster than my normal warm up pace cause we were jogging to the track so Mike went slower than his usual pace and I went faster.. It's such a shame our paces are so far apart cause I'd love it if we could run together more often.

1600m - 7.16 wahooooooo
800m - 3.51
800m - 3.48
400m - 1.50
400m - 1.58
400m - 1.56
400m - 2.00

I got really dizzy in one of the 400's I felt like I might pass out so I went slowly until it passed, has that happened to anyone before, would you carry on, should you stop if you feel like that? Mike thought I should have stopped, and I might have if I'd been running on my own but since he was there I figured if I did pass out he could come and rescue me so I carried on and I was ok, maybe my HR was just a bit too high, wish I'd been wearing the garmin...ohh I wish I had my own garmin haha!

Tempo chin-ups 5 x max (partially assisted by Mike)
Tempo push-ups 5 x max (wide, normal, close = 14 those close ones are hard!)

Right, off to get a snack before Glee! I'm hooked!


  1. wahoo for a pr!! and youre 100% right. intervals never get any easier. i keep telling myself that they will but i'm just lying to myself haha

  2. Very nicely done! Intervals are so hard but so good when they're done! Enjoy the endorphins!

  3. nice mile time! I've found doing 'timed' mile runs on a track help. and although you/mike don't have the same pace, what's cool is that you both workout together! insta-workout buddy w/perks;-)!

  4. Sounds like a great workout. I've had plenty of light-headed speed days, and have also thrown up. Neither are fun, but I suppose they are signs to take it down a notch, as you did!