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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I was feeling really poorly yesterday :-( stupid throat infection! I didn't feel up to doing any conditioning work or cardio so Mike and I decided to try yoga for the first time, we did the three videos beginning here, I'm a convert!! My body felt so good afterwards, I couldn't believe it. I really enjoyed it, in fact we ordered a yoga dvd from amazon already, it has 6 hours worth of yoga on it. I've never been a workout video fan but it seems to work for yoga cause looking at pictures and trying to figure out what they want you to do is too confusing! We did try that first but it was too much time between each pose figuring out what the next one was.. I'm still feeling poorly today but it feels more like a head cold now, my throat isn't so sore so I'm going to try going for a slow run, not sure on the distance yet, I'm hoping to go long but I'll see how my chest feels when I get out there.

Does anyone else do yoga? I'm jumping on the bandwagon very late haha ;-)


  1. Good for you. I know yoga is so good for you. Right now I just cannot fit it in so I settle for good stretching sessions instead. I hope to make it part of the routine next year, however, when I have both kids in school all day.

  2. I've recently tried it and I love it! Its just something different to all the cardio, running and weights. I have the yogalates DVD which is good (mix between pilates and yoga. I find it really chilling which is good for me too!

  3. hope youre feeling better! and i'm glad the yoga helped out :)

  4. hooray! i love yoga. i actually am not doing it as much as i was for awhile. what video did you order off of amazon??? i have never thought to look at youtube for videos. hard to follow tho, it's easier on the TV screen i think. good for you. and i hope your throat feels better soon! hehehe i laughed at "pinch" your workout :) yeahhh!!! def try it out. i liked the descending pyramid, the 400s feel so short by the end.