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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Curry, Tia and weighted exercises

I had to share this picture of Tia our kitty! She will eat anything, she always comes begging when we're cooking or eating, today she decided she liked the toffee yoghurt I was eating and she got it everywhere in her whiskers, eyelashes and on her nose! That's her licking it off Mike's finger after he scraped the tub out for her... she did try and fit her head in but it was a bit big!I didn't get much work done today, my parents were over an hour late coming round so my schedule got all messed up! I should have known really my mum is never on time! Anyway I got a small workout in.

I did some weighted chin-ups, push-ups and ab roll outs, it was the first time I'd done any of these exercises with a weight and it was surprisingly hard! I used a 2.5kg plate in a rucksack and it really made things a lot harder! I enjoyed the added weight for a change though.

1 chin-up
5 push-ups
5 ab roll outs

x 5 rounds

We had a lazy curry night last night, we bought a load of bits from Waitrose, we ate half the breads and half the snacks and most of the curry dishes. It was a lot of food for the money we spent but I have to say takeaway is my favourite still! But this saved some money and was probably marginally healthier.


I thought this was interesting on the packet!

Our little spread, I could barely snap a picture before Mike dug in!

Masala dal

Bombay potatoes

Pakora, bhaji and samosa
My plate + more bread!
Hope everyone's had a good weekend, how did Monday come around so quick!?


  1. I love indian food, I haven't had it in ages though as I find it far to easy to over induldge in it! I want to try cooking my own curries some time, I have a few different recipes I might try out some time soon

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Best of luck in preparation for your half marathon! You'll rock it! :)

  3. I love Indian food too, I've been looking at the dishes in Waitrose for ages! I love most of their ready meals that I've tried, I think they're better quality than most are.
    Love the photo of Tia, can we have more please???