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Monday, 8 March 2010

Animals and lunch... not together though!

There are lots of pictures ahead! Let the animals out yesterday to play in the garden since it was such a nice day, Tia, our kitten hasn't been spayed yet so we have to let her out carefully in case she runs off and meets a tom cat! Much as I would love more kittens, it really wouldn't be practical and I'd have a really hard time letting them go!

Running around

Needing a rest now!

Explorer kitty!

Trudy and Grace our guinea pigs, doing what they do best, munching! Grace is the long haired piggy and trudy is the ginger, white and brown one.

A brief moment away from munching...

Lunch! Start off with a salad, lettuce, cucumber, baby plum tomatoes, green olives with pimento and sundried tomato, no dressing just a little sea salt, I'm not a big fan of salad dressing, the humous was more than enough to flavour it!

I had the feta and kalamata olive humous, it was really nice but I would have preffered it to be a bit more feta-y and olivey!

Add some crispy jacket potatoes and done!! Yum yum!

I had soo much trouble uploading these pictures! Blogger kept messing up the pictures to be added, like just missing them out when I click upload and telling me it had uploaded three photos when there was nothing there! Has anyone else had problems with this lately? Maybe it's my computer! It took over an hour to get the pictures up, so annoying!!

What's everyone's plans for today? I'm probably going to do some core work and get myself to the boxing gym! Might take the animals out to the garden again cause the weather's pretty good today too, colder but sunny, I'll take it! It's soo nice having a garden again, Mike and I had been living in a flat for so long we had nowhere to let the guinea pigs run around, it's lovely for them to be able to play/eat outside again!


  1. awwww such cute pictures! glad that the day in the sun was well spent :)

  2. I wish I had a garden, I'm in a little flat which only has a little communal garden. No pets either! I would love a little dog if I would have time to take care of one properly. Looks like you and the pets had a fun time!

  3. Love all the animals! My kids would go wild for those guinea pigs!

  4. Love the cat and pigs were out in the yard!