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Friday, 26 March 2010

GPP workout and tabata finisher.

Hope everyone's having a fun Friday! Mike and I don't have much planned for tonight, just going to relax and watch some rubbish on the telly. We watched the Sophie Dahl cooking show on the iplayer, a few people mentioned it on their blogs, I wasn't too impressed, she seemed to be trying to emulate Nigella Lawson. I had high hopes for the program cause I'd heard she was vegetarian so I was looking forward to a veggie cooking show but she eats fish so that was a bit of a let down. Not that I want to be negative towards people who are pescatarian but I was just looking forward to an all veggie affair! Are there any UK people planning on watching Over the Rainbow tonight? I must admit those shows are a guilty pleasure of mine! For my overseas readers who might not know what I'm on about, it's like American Idol for music theatre, this season they're trying to find someone to play Dorothy, I think in a west end version of the Wizard of Oz!

Didn't do loads of training today, Mike was out most of the day and we ended up a bit pushed for time when we could train together. The finisher was tough! My shoulders are still so sore from the neider press the other day but I think it would be a tough one anyway, especially going straight on to the push-ups, my arms felt like jelly!

Chin-ups x 5 from dead hang (done during the morning)

GPP #1 (From Ross Enamait's Infinite Intensity)
30s burpees
30s star jumps
30s high knee dumbbell press
30s shadow boxing

x 5 rounds back to back.

Tabata bar hangs x 4
Tabata push-ups x 4 (22)

Nakd Pecan Pie

Nice texture, I've decided I prefer the Nakd's minus the oats as they're a bit softer and chewier.
I liked the taste a lot but it was Mike's least favourite so far, I must admit out of the oatless bars I prefer the cashew cookie and cocoa orange but I would eat this over one of the bars with oats.

Trek Cocoa Brownie

This had a similar taste to a nakd cocoa loco but with the added soy crispies which were a nice texture.
It was nice and filling, I had half for a rare mid morning snack since I ate breakfast two hours earlier than usual and there was no way I was making it to lunch time!
I liked the soy crispies - I wonder if there would be any way of doing a soy free version of the trek bar as Mike's allergic to soy, he did try the peanut one cause he really wanted to and he hoped it would not cause a reaction but unfortunately it did, which is a real shame cause he loved the bar and I think he'd like this one even more, maybe I'll put the idea to Natural balance in case it's a possibility!
The ingredients are similar to the peanut oat and it has ginseng and gingko biloba in which I like.


  1. I need to look around for these bars...they always sound so good. Love British comedy, btw--you guys have the best senses of humor!

  2. I agree with you on the Sophie Dahl show, its a shame it was so much like Nigella. I'm still hoping that the recipes might get better in coming weeks as her cook book has some lovely healthy tasty recipes. I'm actually going to try making one of her soups this weekend, hope it turns out nice!

  3. A pity Mike couldn't eat those bars. A lot of those bars use soy as the high protein ingredient ..

    Oh I cannot BEAR those Andrew Lloyd Webber programmes....My boyfriend's stepdad knew the runner up in the Nancy one a couple of years ago so anytime we were with his parents on a Saturday night we'd have to watch I'd do Anything....I wanted to pluck my eyeballs out!