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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


I went for a long slow run today trying to keep my HR around 160-165, it was frustratingly slow to keep in this HR range and it took all my willpower not to speed off! But I need to work on my aerobic fitness for the half marathon, I'm a lot more anaerobically fit from boxing I think. Anyway here are the run stats, I figured out how to set it to lap after every mile :-) I feel very clever about that haha

7 miles in 1:17:46
Average pace - 11.08 per mile
Average HR - 165

Mile 1 - 10.26 HR 161
Mile 2 - 11.06 HR 164
Mile 3 - 10.48 HR 165
Mile 4 - 10.57 HR 167
Mile 5 - 11.21 HR 167
Mile 6 - 11.32 HR 166
Mile 7 - 11.48 HR 166

I just had to get slower and slower to maintain a lowish heart rate, I find this really odd as my 6 mile run last week at 9 min per mile pace gave me an average HR of 175. Maybe it's because I'm still poorly but it seems so much slower just for 10bpm less!

The run was pretty boring, the most exciting thing happened in the third mile when a bee nearly flew down my top, actually change exciting to SCARY!

Does anyone elses garmin say you've run less than you have when you upload it, I stopped at 7.00 today and when I upload it it says 6.99, this happens all the time and Mike's always upload as 4.01 or just over! Mike doesn't wait to press it I think we both stop it at the same time, the garmin must have some conspiracy to give Mike my extra .01 miles haha. So frustrating cause it looks like I'm always cutting my runs short but even when I wait for it to go past the mile it comes up short, what is going on!

Wooo according to my ticker I have now run 100 miles in 2010, maybe I ought to change the goal though, don't think I'll be getting to 1000 in a year, just don't think my legs have coped with the increase in mileage as well as I'd hoped they would do. I'm going to leave it for now in case I manage to up my mileage a lot coming up to the half marathon but I'm way off target I needed to be running 83 miles a month and it's 2.5 months in and I've only just made 100, that means I'd need to run about 95 for the remaining months, I just can't see that happening!

Boxing workout at home.
Warm up - 10 minutes
Shadow boxing/Heavy bag (alternating rounds) - 8 x 2 minute rounds
Focus mitts - 2 x 2 minute rounds
Cool down - 10 minutes yoga, I'm a convert!

This workout felt really good, we did it to a Bas Rutten tape which I've mentioned on the blog before. He is shouting combinations to throw, it's good cause he doesn't let up or let you slack! I was totally amazed at how good I felt during this workout, still being poorly and having jogged 7 miles in the morning I expected to be pretty slow and tired but I wasn't out of breath for much of it at all and I was really going for it it wasn't like I was being lazy and that's why I wasn't tired.. I remember the first time I did a Bas Rutten routine just shadow boxing and I felt close to puking/passing out, this one felt like a breeze :-)

We finished with some yoga, this is the dvd we've ordered, it's called yoga for stress relief, should be very suitable since we want to do it as a relaxation type exercise. I can't wait for it to arrive!

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  1. i don't really have a lot of experience with hr stuff but i know that sometimes i have to run VERY slow to keep my HR down and sometimes i can pull off a quicker pace. i guess it's just because the body isn't static and it's constantly changing.

    and that's weird about the garmin. maybe you can run that extra .01 so when you upload it you get it exact? haha

  2. hi;-), when I have to do 'slower' runs like that, I focus on my cadence...and really try and make it ~93 right foot strikes/ a minute. increasing my cadence rate has greatly improved my runs. so that could be something to focus on?;-)

  3. My god I would have freaked if a bee had came anywhere near me, I'm scared stiff of them! At least it wasn't a wasp, there worse! Have to let us know how you get on with the DVD, I'm getting a bit more into the yoga too xxx

  4. oops i don't think my post posted. i forgot if you had word verification or not and i closed the page. grrr.

    anyway, great job on the 7 miles. increasing mileage and long runs are an interesting thing, b/c it almost always means you have to slow down a little. also all the different kinds of fitness are interesting. like i can run all the time, but then i play one game of basketball and i'm sooo sore the next day!

  5. Hey thanks for posting on my blog so I could find yours! That is so cool that you boxing! That is HARD CORE! I have taken a few boxing lessons and it is no joke!

  6. Eek to the bee but sounds like you emerged unscathed!

  7. Hi Laura,

    Someone shared the link to your blog with me as they thought we might have a lot of common goals! I am currently training to fight as well (started boxing in October) and, although we're on opposite sides of the world, thought we could somehow support each other! Check out my website: ... there's a link to my blog there too. All the best with your training!!!