Mileage counter

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Weekly totals and first barbeque of the year!

I'll get the boring weekly totals out of the way first!

Weekly Totals

Miles - 7.25
Push-ups - 92
Chin-ups - 5
Pull-ups - 14 bar hangs
Neck Exercises - 0
Isometric Punches - 0
Wrist Curls - 0
Core -1

My gran baked apple crumble yesterday while Mike and I were at my mum and dad's for lunch, she brought it round still hot so of course we dug in and had desert first oh yeah!

I had to take some pictures of the garden, there are lots of pretty spring flowers in my mum and dad's garden! Unfortunately I didn't get my mum's gardening ability passed down, plants die if I look at them! I'm still hoping to have a veg patch in the garden but Mike's going to be doing most of the plant care since every house plant I've had has died, I really don't know why I don't forget to water them and I keep them in the places they're supposed to be in.. oh well!

My dad and Mike love having barbeques as soon as there's even vaguely enough sun they're wanting to be in the garden cooking! We had the first one of the year yesterday. We started off by going to choose a new bbq for my mum and dad since their old one was a bit worse for wear. Mum and dad also got Mike and I our own instead of easter eggs since we now have a garden for the first time and will be able to do our own bbqs, exciting! I love having a garden, we're so much freer than we were living in flats when we wouldn't have our own space to enjoy the sunshine in. We've had breakfast in the garden for two days on the run now, it's so nice in the sun - even though we had a ten minute massive hail storm on Friday... where did that come from?!

Anyway I have some bbq pics! Must apologise for the bluriness of some of them, not sure what was going on there!

The salad and bread, bit too cold still to be all set up outside!

Sightly demolished salad station... note to self.. remember to take pictures before eating/plating (!)

Mike's giant bread and salad

The only pic of me... need to give Mike the camera more then there will be more chance of getting a good picture!

We made a smiley face on my dad's plate....

My bread and salad, there are lots of gherkins hiding under the cheese!
Dad on the new barbeque, it's a cool shape isn't it, ours is a more traditional shape

My burger, a mediteranean chickpea burger.

Not sure how it got so big..couldn't get my mouth round it!!
Mike's giant half pounder burger
Mega burger!
NommmSo there is my weekend in pictures, hope everyone's been having lots of fun too!


  1. I love bbqs! I wish I had a proper garden so we could do them, until then I have to badger my mam and dad to do them! The food looks gorgeous xx

  2. Looks like so much fun and those burgers look delish!

  3. what a lovely looking garden! and bbq. i want one with the nicer weather the past few weeks