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Thursday, 11 March 2010


I had a pretty good run yesterday, I wanted to see if I could run 6 miles at my goal half marathon pace, I have no idea if a 9 minute pace for my first half marathon is attainable, but I would absolutely love to do a sub 2hr one! That of course may be impossible! And honestly all I'm really worried about is finishing it but sub 2hrs just sounds good, a nice round number!

I couldn't fit my run yesterday morning so it had to be an afternoon run, this is my least favourite workout time so I hoped it wouldn't affect me too much. I don't think it did...

Afternoon 10/03/10

6 miles 53.59
average pace 8.59
average HR 175

On a side note, the Waitrose shop came yesterday, I was pretty impressed, we got a lot for what we spent considering it's known as one of the more expensive stores, I think perhaps their prices have gone down a bit.. When they had somehow forgotten to deliver two items they re-delivered them with a five pound voucher, not bad! I think we'll be shopping from there again, the food is nice and it actually worked out cheaper than Tescos...who'da thought it!

I also got a freebie at Lush yesterdat, if you take in 5 empty pots you get a free face mask and we'd finally got through 5 pots, I have a yummy smelling oat, banana and vanilla facemask sat in my fridge called Oatifix, I tried it last night and it was lovely, and I still have loads left. Fab!

Today I was at my mental health mentor training again, I'm now all trained up, all I need is my CRB, goodness knows how long that will take! It's my scheduled rest day today but since I didn't get my core or isometrics done yesterday I've done them today, they're not too strenuous so I don't think it matters too much for a one off!

PM 11/03/10
Core - Standing Ab Roll-outs (to a wall) 5 x 10
Isometric Punches - Jab/Straight/L.hook/R.uppercut


  1. i think sub-2 hour is totally attainable for you! if you were able to to roughly half that at 9 pace then youre good. the adrenaline will push you to keep that up. plus i think 2-hour is 9:10 so you're in even better shape for that :)

  2. hehe it's so hard to know what your pace will be like on race day! there's so many factors. i really like first races at whatever teh new distance is because it's just all about finding that out.

  3. I'm impressed! I think you could do the sub-2 hr based on those times. I must get back into running...
    I love Waitrose too!

  4. I second marathonmaiden. definitely believe you can do a sub 2 hr 1/2.
    and had to make sure YOU knew that I'm having a great athleta clothing giveaway and you've been one of the original 'a listers' wanted to make sure you knew;-)

  5. I've never actually done online supermarket shopping - I probably should because it would definitely rule out the er..impulse buys. ahem!

  6. Nice run! When you mentioned Lush the scent of that store as I walked past it on High Street came rushing back to me--used to love that place when we were in the UK. I think we have them here but I have no idea where...

  7. Wow, great run! The lush face mask sounds lovely, I haven't been to lush in ages, I might have to pay them a visit for some pamper session treats!