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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Badminton, bag rounds and more nakd bars!

We just did a quick workout yesterday as we ran out of time, we were planning on running intervals before breakfast but our legs were too sore and our bellies too hungry! We settled on some mixed up 3 minute rounds before in the afternoon, ate a snack and went to play badminton! We then went to pick up some groceries so our tea ended up being at 10.30, not good! I'm not a fan of eating a lot close to bedtime! Anyway, back to the workout!

7 x 3 minute rounds (1 minute rest)

Each round was;
1 minute heavy bag
1 minute plyometric jumps over medicine ball
30 seconds heavy bag
30 seconds band slams

Badminton 1 hour 30 minutes, on and off playing Mike and my dad and getting thrashed by both of them... I don't think I'll ever be a good badminton player, those two always thrash me! In between the games I did 20 push ups. I saw a poster for a university boxing club which has boxers boxing competetively, this will be great if I do go back to uni and haven't found a new gym by that time, plus it was only 50p a session, not bad!!

Since we were waiting for my dad to get changed and hadn't managed our intervals we did a sprint suicide relay! What were we thinking with such sore legs!! The quick turns absolutely killed my bum!! We did 3/4 of the court then back to the start then the full length and back to the start and took it in turns to run, we did it 10 times. I'm sure Mike got the good deal cause I was slower than him giving him more rest... his turn seemed to be over before it begun!

Nakd Cocoa Orange
Really nice texture like the cashew cookie
Loved the flavour, like a Terry's chocolate orange, only good for you!
This bar is my favourite so far... closely competing with the Trek cherry flapjack!
Ingredients since I must have forgotten to photograph the back of the packet - Dates (40%), Cashews (40%), Raisins (14%), Cocoa (5%), A hint of natural flavour

Nakd Banana Bread
Nice sweet banana flavour
I enjoyed this one a lot more than I thought I would actually cause I'm not a huge banana fan, it was really nice though it was quite delicately spiced you could taste a little cinnamon which I liked

Today I had my midweek rest day, I just did 30 minutes of yoga from our new dvd, I needed the rest today, my legs are still so sore and I'm struggling with some arm pain. I got knocked on my forearm last week and it still hurts, it hurts to grip stuff and is really wierd! I think I must have knocked a nerve or something, I don't know, I wish I knew more about anatomy!


  1. You are so tough with your workouts! You must be in amazing shape! Don't know that I've ever seen those bars over here--they sound yummy.

  2. Those bars look tasty!!
    Hope your arm feels better soon!

  3. i can't eat so close to bedtime either! food obv = energy and i get so wired!

    you are kicking booty with your workouts lately. i love it :)

  4. you work out in so many different ways! i love it! i'm hoping to really diversify my workouts this spring. get to the gym more, jump rope, play bball :) your bars look so yummy!!!!

  5. Great workouts!
    I haven't played badminton in eons!

  6. The Nakd Cocoa orange sounds delicious, I must give it a try!