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Monday, 15 March 2010

A crappy weekend and a 2 mile PR

Sorry I've been missing since Thursday, I had a really rough weekend and I wasn't really sure about posting the details on the blog, don't want to be all whiny! I'll just try and keep the bad stuff to a minimum so you all know what I'm doing as it affects stuff I blog about..

Friday night ended up being pretty bad, Mike's fight got called off cause a group of men tried to mug him outside the venue and he got punched, punched back and messed up his knuckles on the guys head. I'm just so relieved nothing worse happened I think it put me in shock all weekend thinking about what could have happened. The problem now is that it's ended up with there being loads of animosity between ourselves and our coach now as he still wanted Mike to fight but Mike didn't feel he could with his hand... A load of drama later and I don't feel particularly welcome to go back to the gym. I'm feeling totally awful about everything today I don't know what to do, I don't want to move gyms again but I feel pushed out of this gym because of the way the coach has acted even though I've spoken to him and he doesn't seem to think he's done anything wrong. So I don't know what is going to happen on the boxing front which I'm really feeling down about it just seems like things keep going wrong and I'm never going to be able to box... Mike and I will be keeping the boxing training up at home as we have a heavy bag, pads and we can spar each other so I won't lose any skill or fitness through not being at a gym, I just hope we figure out what to do soon!

Rewind to Friday afternoon and we'll get on to something positive! I beat my two mile time and beat my new year goal of under 15.30 coming in with a time of 15.24 hell yeahhhh!! It was really windy and horrible out there, I thought I had no chance, hopefully without the wind I could get an even better time :-)
2 miles in 15.24
Average HR 181
Average pace 7.44 (mile 1 7.58, mile 2 7.26)

I was going to do a longer run but I ran out of time, quite glad as it ended up in me PRing by 59 seconds!

I had my scheduled rest day on Saturday and rested on Sunday too, I feel a bit guilty about that but the way Sunday panned out but I didn't eat properly and couldn't work out on an empty stomach.. I'm not letting one bad day get in the way though, I really struggle to have an appetite when I'm upset about something but no more moping! I'm back and I'm not sure what workout I'll be doing today but I'll make sure it's a good one!

Now I'll try and leave this dreary post on a good note, go check out Anne Marie's giveaway here!


  1. I'm really sorry you've had such an awful time of it, what a nightmare! I'm glad Mike wasn't hurt more badly too, you must have been so shocked by it all. I'm sure that you'll figure out a way forward with your boxing soon. Congrats on your fantasic run!

  2. So sorry to hear about your gym situation and Mike's fight. Really stinks. But woohoo on the 2-mile time! Focus on the positive...

  3. oh my gosh!! mugged? jeez. who mugs a boxer. anyway great job on your PR! :) i love when i don't have time for a longer run, so i go faster for a shorter distance.

  4. Hey there,
    Wow, so sorry to hear about Mike and the mugging. ugh. that's horrible, and sorry about your gym situation too. hmmm...
    but on the good note, nice run girl.
    You'll decide the best thing for you and Mike and the gym...;-)

  5. sounds like this weekend was rough. ((hugs)). remember to breathe and that everything will work out in the end :)