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Monday, 15 March 2010

Weekly totals and 15/03/10

Thanks for everyones support on my last post, your comments mean a lot.

Weekly Totals
Miles - 8
Push-ups - 50
Chin-ups - 0
Pull-ups - 8
Neck Exercises - 1
Isometric Punches - 1
Wrist Curls - 1
Core - 1

Hmm my push-ups are a bit off this week and I only got one core workout in, I also missed my chin-ups!! Hopefully I can push a bit harder and get some better totals this week!

Mike and I did a deck of cards workout today, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this concept, you pick four exercises and assign them to a card, shuffle the deck and turn them over one by one. If push-ups are hearts, for example, and the 10 of hearts comes up you do 10 push-ups, you also do 10 for the jack, queen, king and ace. If you want the workout to be extra horrible you can put a joker card in with a tough move on, we did 50 tuck jumps (non stop bleughh).

For our cards
Hearts were push-ups
Diamonds were lunges
Clubs were 30 reps of a core exercise (whatever number came up we did 30)
Spades were burpees
Joker = 50 tuck jumps

Over the workout I totted up 55 push-ups (I halved the push-up numbers for cards over 5 and always rounded up for an odd number), 94 lunges, 94 burpees, 390 core movements and 50 tuck jumps.

It was a good workout today cause it didn't require much thought and we're both poorly (throat infections) so we just wanted to get on with something and not spend too much time planning it out. Quick and effective! I felt like I was going to puke several times, but I think that's the illness not the workout hah

Since I noticed I have been slacking on my core work I have just signed up for this it's a core challenge and you can win some gu, I have never used gu before cause I haven't really needed to yet but it might come in useful for my half marathon in June. At least I have some core today to count towards it :-)


  1. great workout. i've tried doing the deck of cards thing and while it's a good workout i just don't like the "unstructured"ness of it hah!

  2. I like your deck of cards idea. I swear half the time I draw a blank when I workout and end up doing the same damn thing.
    Sorry about the illness--definitely going around everywhere I'm afraid.

  3. love the deck of cards idea! that's cool, and would be great to use as a teacher/trainer too.
    feel better;-)

  4. Wow that deck of cards thing is a brilliant idea! It would be a fantastic way of adding a bit of variety to workouts. Hope your throat infection clears up quick! xxx