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Sunday, 7 March 2010


AM - Boxing
Warm up - 10 minutes jogging
Footwork drills - 10 minutes
Technical sparring - 10 x 3 minutes, 1-2 minutes rest
Cool down - 10 minutes stretching

Todays session was really good, we focussed a lot on footwork and had specific objectives each round. I was partnered with one of the southpaw lads which was really helpful as I got to do some really quality work with a southpaw fighter. The first two rounds one person had to try and step on the other persons foot and the other person had to try and avoid being stepped on, without doing any non boxing footwork, then we swapped roles. The second two rounds one person jabbed and the other person had to block and counter. The third two one person jabbed, other countered and then the person who jabbed had to counter the counter. The last four rounds one person had to try and feint the other into throwing a shot and then counter it.

PM - Strength
DB Lunges 25kg (2 x 12)
DB Clean and Press 8.5kg (2 x 8)
DB Bent Over Row 13.5kg (2 x 8)
DB Bench Press 7.5kg (2 x 8)
DB Curl 5kg (2 x 6)
BB Wrist Curl 22kg (25)
BB Reverse Wrist Curl 11kg (25)
Neck Curl 10kg (50)

The strength work felt good today, except the lunges, they never feel good haha! I'm aiming to get to 30kg on them, it feels so close but so far away! I almost couldn't finish them, my legs felt so shaky.

I was going to post some pictures of the guinea pigs and the kitten playing in the garden but the computer is not behaving very well tonight, I'll try get them up tomorrow, they all looked so cute! The guinea pigs ate so much grass haha I know why they're called pigs!

Mike and I just did a waitrose online shop after enjoying shopping there so much yesterday... It was Mike's idea! We have lots of vegetarian treats winging their way to us on Wednesday including vegetarian trifle, carrot falafel and some yummy pizza, it wasn't too expensive either, we actually did an entire waitrose and an entire tesco shop to compare... boring but worth doing!


  1. Sounds like a serious hardcore workout! I bet it's a lot of fun.

  2. glad you had a good session today. i love it when my workouts feel like theyre working something really specific. it makes me feel focused

  3. wow! made me tired just thinking about that workout! Bag work is amazing and sparring too. It is anaerobic and not my strength right now. Working on it though.

    My dear one when he trains fighters has them work up to 30 solid minutes on the bag and then all the other stuff like grappling. He has us do things like 10 right cross, 10 left cross, 10 hooks each side, then the kicking. Cross, hook, round kick ect ect until you get to 30 minutes. Its hard work!