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Friday, 5 March 2010


Did any UK readers catch the Eddie Izzard program last night? Mike and I really enjoyed it, except I was almost asleep by the end of it since it finished at 11.30pm and that's past my bedtime haha. I'm not sure if you can watch this video outside of the UK but I'll post the link in case it works, it was the only one I could find. If not there is an article here which tells you a little more about what he did. The thing that struck me was his lack of training, I mean he really went in at the deep end! He did five and a half weeks training before he begun. He got injured lots and his feet were covered in blisters, it must have been quite an effort to carry on! It did make me laugh when halfway through one of the marathons he stopped at a pub for a beer, perhaps it was to numb the pain.... Not too sure about that tactic!

Mike was feeling a bit rough today so we decided to go swimming, we're both really starting to enjoy swimming, I can see us incorporating it into our weekly routine. Today we swum a little further than last time, and swum our first 20 lengths slightly faster than last time.
20 lengths / 1km in 28 minutes
24 lengths / 1.2km in about 35 minutes

We had a look at the playground near the pool after our swim, I have to say it's far better than it used to be when I was a child! It had one of those zip wire things and a really funny looking roundabout which we had to try out! Hello big kids! It was for two people, one on each side and you hold on to these handles, run around and lift your legs off the ground.. It was really good fun but my arm strength went after a few times, kids must be so strong!

We also walked for over 7 miles today so I felt the need to write it down! It's a 2.5 miles there and back to the swimming pool and we walked another mile in the afternoon.

Neck curls 10kg x 40 reps
Isometric punches x 4 sets Jab/Straight/L.hook/R.uppercut
Wrist Curls 20kg x 35 reps
Reverse wrist curls 11kg x 35 reps

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  1. sad face : the link didn't work for me...or the link worked but i couldn't watch it. oh well, i'll do some sketchy internet website searches later to try and see it haha

    and wow 7 miles of walking?! impressive!

  2. I think eddie izzard was amazing, I didn't watch the programme but heard about it when he was doing it, I wish I'd sky + it! Hope you enjoyed your horror movie!

  3. I've recorded the show but not watched it yet. Sounds good, it was an amazing feat! If totally insane given how unprepared he was! I'm impressed by your swimming, my ability starts and stops at just about not drowning!!!