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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Weekly totals and 21/03/10

How has everyone's weekend been? I had my rest day Saturday and I was going to join a last minute race on Sunday but I didn't in the end as although there was on the day registration none of the registration money went to the charity it was supposed to be supporting. As we didn't have any sponsers we didn't want the only money we could give to go to the council and Sainsburys and not where it was needed. I think it's pretty awful actually as the race entry fees will actually have been making profit for someone on an event which was supposed to be for charity. I understand them breaking even but did they really need to make profit when it could have gone to charity.. has anyone else noticed this? There have been a couple of races I've been put of entering as they make out they are for charity but when you actually look into it very little, if any, of the entry fee goes to charity.

Weekly Totals

Miles - 13.39
Push-ups - 55
Chin-ups - 0
Pull-ups - 0
Neck Exercises - 1
Isometric Punches - 0
Wrist Curls - 1
Core - 1

4 x 2 minutes sparring
3 x 2 minutes mitt work

ICT #4
Part 1
10 burpees
20 lunges
30 squats

x 5 rounds

Part 2
10 second pull up hold
10 push ups
10 upright band pulls

x 5 rounds

14.25 mins (last time (27/12/09) I took 21.02 mins!)

The sparring was frustrating this morning, we don't really have the space for it but whilst we're not at a gym we don't want to lose our sparring fitness and endurance. One thing I'm having problems with is that it seems to hurt a lot more at home cause I don't have the same amount of adrenaline as I do in the gym I suppose... The mitt work was good, Mike said I was punching with good power and I thought it went a lot better than the sparring where I just didn't feel like I was landing much, he assures me I landed at least one good body shot though!

I'm pretty impressed by how much I beat my old time on the ICT workout! That was a big surprise! I was really dreading doing it cause I clearly remember last time not being able to walk for days, my legs are feeling pretty sore now, hope I can move tomorrow!! I have a few more Natural Balance reviews, we've recently tried a Trek bar and a chocolatey Nakd bar, both went down well!

Trek - Peanut and Oat

Really nice peanut butter taste
We both felt it delivered good energy
Good protein (11g)
Good ingredients (Dates (38%), Raisins (12%), Peanuts (12%), Soya Crispies (10%), Peanut butter (7%), Apple Juice, Oats, Ginseng Extract, Gingko Biloba Extract.)
On the packet it says 'A sweet, rich, wholefood combination of fast and slow release carbohydrates, protein, fibre, ginkgo biloba and ginseng for sustained alertness, endurance, recovery and hunger control.' - pretty good food! Mike and I shared it after our morning workout but I think it would be good before workouts too.
We both liked that it had the ginseng and gingko biloba extracts.

Nakd - Cocoa Loco

This bar was Mike's favourite (so far!)
Great healthy replacement for a chocolate treat
We thought they would be great in a children's lunch box
One small, or half a big one is enough to satisfy a sweet tooth

Hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend!


  1. i've gotten way into bars lately. thanks for the reviews :)

    bummer about the race. that would irritate me too re: registration fees not going at all to charity!

  2. oh and 90* legs are a basic crunch but with my shins parallel to the floor and my knees at a 90* angle with it, bear pushups are walking out of a pushup position doing a pushup then walking yourself upright, and deadbugs are laying on your back moving your legs like youre a dying bug (hard to describe but if youve ever seen a bug lying on it's back you;ll know what i mean haha!)

  3. I too have noticed that 'charity' events have only ~10% of the proceeds going to the actual cause. bit of a downer.
    And love all your bars! Dang! you're kitchen pantry must be stoked full of em' all;-)

  4. I love the nakd bars, have only tried a trek bar once, will have to try and get some more. I think my supermarket may have stopped selling them so I might have to do a bulk buy off internet. Thats really crap that the registration fee doesn't go to charity. I understand that races and events cost money to hold, however all profits should go to charity (or even better, big businesses like sainsburys should meet the costs of holding the event due to all the additional promotion they get!)

  5. I am excited to try the bars!
    What half marathon are you doing in June?