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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Weekly totals

I meant to get this up yesterday but the time just disappeared as it so often does! I went shopping to Waitrose with my dad and Mike and had to use extreme will power to avoid spending large amounts of money! The food in there is so nice and they have so many different vegetarian and vegan options and lots of healthy foods too, I don't go there too often but I love it when I do! I think I was driving them both nuts as I was just looking at everything and weighing up the nutritional info and prices for far longer than they both wanted hehe, poor men!

Weekly Totals

Miles -7.7-10 (depends whether the pesky dreadmill was in miles or km...)
Push-ups - 103
Chin-ups - 6 + 25 on assisted machine
Pull-ups - 45 on assisted machine
Neck exercises - 2
Isometric punches -1
Wrist curls -1
Core work - 2

A few people asked about the mental health mentoring I'm going to be doing so I thought I'd do a quick run down on here. I'll be volunteering for a charity and I'll be assigned to someone who they think suits me, my personality and my personal experiences. I'll help them do day to day tasks which they might not have the confidence or experience to do by themselves. For example it could be helping them fill out forms for benefits, going with them to seek legal aid, just any kind of help with any day to day tasks they are finding difficult. Another person within the charity will have already given them an action plan to complete so I will be working through the action plan with them.

Well I've just got home from a really good boxing session, so I'll be back later with that and the rest of todays work, right now I'm going to go let the guinea pigs and the kitten out in the garden (seperately) as it's lovely weather here today! Lets hope the sun is here to stay!


  1. Sounds like a great project to be volunteering with, I'm sure you'll get loads out of it!

  2. what an awesome program! it sounds like youll be making a huge difference in people's lives as well as have it be rewarding for you too.

    hope the sun stays around too!