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Monday, 29 March 2010

Happy Intervals!

I ran intervals today and I'm so glad they went well, my last horrible run knocked my confidence a bit so I needed a strong run to get back in the swing of things! My heart rate managed to stay really low throughout the intervals, my highest average for an interval was 160 which I was really surprised about! I expected it to be a lot higher for intervals but I felt strong today and that seems to be reflected in the lower heart rate. My planned workout today was 10-20 minute warm up then 8 x 400m intervals at 1.52 with 8 x 400m recovery in between ending with a 10 minute cool down, (I didn't time the recovery intervals just did a slow jog round the track) I did;

1 mile warm up in 10.25 (average HR 120)

1: 1.51 HR 117
2: 1.50 HR 135
3: 1.50 HR 132
4: 1.52 HR 130
5: 1.53 HR 153
6: 1.47 HR 138
7: 1.46 HR 144
8: 1.38 HR 160

1.1 mile cool down in 12.39 (average HR 117)

Total: 6.1 miles

I was really craving something sweet after my lunch today, a cheese and cucumber sandwhich just didn't cut it after the run! On a side note I think Mike's friend might have thought I was a little odd when I disappeared upstairs with my lunch and a bag of frozen green beans to ice my knees! I've decided to make a more concentrated effort to ice my legs since I do seem a bit injury prone and I don't want to take any more time off this half marathon training! Anyway back on to the sweets! I remembered I had a Trek protein flapjack left from my goody pack, I also had a not too great chocolate yoghurt in the fridge which I thought the flapjack could make taste a bit more interesting. They went really well together and definately hit the spot, I wasn't hungry again for ages! That's really unlike me after running, normally I could eat anything and everything after I've run longer than a few miles.

Nutritional info and ingredients

Crumbled into the yoghurt

Yoghurt mess
I liked this trek flapjack almost as much as the cherry flavour, I think the ingredients were the same except for the cherry raisins. I will get it again it was really nice and filling.


  1. way to rock out those intervals. interesting that your HR was so low. have you ever tried to test you max HR? i've never done it so all my target HRs are probably iffy haha

    i love the way you spell things differently than americans. i think i may copy you and pretend to be from overseas :)

  2. That yoghurt mess looks fab! I can't wait until the day I can run 6 miles! Sounds like you had a great workout x

  3. I've never tried running intervals. Even though it didn't reflect in your heart rate, I bet it's a good muscle work-out!

  4. Great workout! And that looks like a tasty snack :)