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Sunday, 17 January 2010


AM - Strength
DB clean and press (2x8) 7.5kg
DB bent over row (1x8, 1x6) 12.5kg
DB bench press (1x6, 1x8) 6kg
DB lunges (2x12) 22kg
DB curls (1x6) 6kg, (1x8) 5kg
BB wrist curls (1x10) 20kg, (1x40) 17.5kg
BB reverse wrist curls (1x50) 10kg

Still quite new to the strength routine so I'm still trying to figure out what weights I should be using for each exercise, on some I went to light and had to reduce weight and on others I started too heavy. I intend to keep doing this strength routine once a week so hopefully by next week I'll have the right weights for each exercise.

1 pull-up (partial rep)
1 chin-up
10 push-ups
1 minute plank

x 5 rounds

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