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Sunday, 24 January 2010


I did the strength routine I've been working on again today.. think I've figured out the weights and reps now, can probably go up in weight on some exercises the week after next. I'll be back at the boxing gym on Tuesday, I cannot wait! I really miss going when I'm poorly or injured! I would go back tomorrow but Mike is still injured with his rib so I said I'd wait for him and go on Tuesday together...We're going to go for a run tomorrow instead. Maybe I can pursuade him to take the camera this time :)

Is anyone else addicted to Glee? They've just started showing it in the UK, on to ep3, love it haha I've just downloaded Don't stop believing to listen to when I'm running...geek...

AM - Strength

Dumbbell clean and press 7.5kg 2x8
Dumbbell bent over row 12.5kg 2x8
Dumbbell bench press 7.5kg 2x6
Dumbbell lunges 22kg 2x12
Dumbbell curl 6kg 2x6
Dumbbell wrist curls 5kg 6x10
Dumbbell reverse wrist curls 1kg 2x30
Dumbbell uneven wrist curls 0.5kg 3x20

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  1. great strength moves! i may be stealing them :) and yay for getting back in the boxing gym tues!!