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Thursday, 28 January 2010


Well I had a really long day yesterday and I didn't get round to posting.. I always admire the bloggers who seem to be so busy but get so many posts up! I don't know how you guys do it!

I was up at 6am yesterday which is about 2 hours too early for me in winter haha, summer it's fine but getting up in the dark is just depressing! I was up so early because yesterday I graduated from my Masters of Music. It was a nice day, ruined a little by one of my friends being selfish but I won't rant on about that here... poor Mike has had the most of my moaning about that lol! So now that's done I'm doing some volunteer work in the hope of furthering my career towards a social work masters starting in September (if I get accepted onto the course). Hopefully leading to some kind of career in social work where I can use my music and also work with people with mental health, hopefully eating disorders as I think that's an area of health care which is widely ignored by the NHS and very misunderstood by many people...

Anyway I've wandered off on a tangent.. back to the workout! I was at university all day for the graduation, picture taking, meal and seeing all my old lecturers so even though I was absolutely shattered when I got home I was really looking forward to getting to the boxing gym! Especially as said selfish friend had irritated me, nothing better than punching a bag when you're annoyed!

Boxing Gym Warm up - 10 minutes jogging and dynamic movements

Skipping - 6 x 2

Heavy bag - 8 x 2

Circuit - 20s each station
    DB Shrugs
    Push ups
    Full Jumping Jacks
    Upright rows
    Leg raises
    Bench dips
    DB Punches
    Box step ups
    Mountain climbers
    MB Slams
    Sit ups with a twist
    Barbell press

x 2 trips (60s between the first and second trip through the circuit)

Cool down - 10 minutes

Training included 29 push-ups

It was soo good to get back in the gym. I miss going when I'm injured or poorly it's a major part of my routine!


  1. CONGRATS! that's awesome!! and great circuit. similar to what i do on occasion but different enough that i think it'll challenge me in a new way :)