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Thursday, 21 January 2010


AM - Humber bridge run

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Today I went for my longest run yet.. 8 miles from my house going over the humber bridge and back again, was going to take my camera but it was too tight in my trouser pocket. I ran with Mike today, he was doing cardiac output so it was faster than my cardiac output pace and he was wearing the garmin so no HR info... I really want my own garmin! Believe it or not the weather today was a lot drearier looking than on that picture.. it's been so grey in England lately, or in hull at least. It was nice to run with Mike instead of just me and my headphones for a change, we do a lot of boxing specific training together but rarely run together as his pace is over 2 minutes faster than mine so it just doesn't work unless we're doing sprints or intervals on a track or field.

8.1 miles
average pace 10.24

Chin-ups - 10

Diamond push-ups x5
Push-ups x10
Wide push-ups x10
Knuckle push-ups x5

Neck bridges 2x10


  1. great run! congrats on your longest run

  2. Very nice job on the run! Anytime you're out running for more than an hour, you MUST celebrate with a cookie (: