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Sunday, 31 January 2010


30/01/10 - Rest Day
Totals are well down for this week, took more rest than usual because I was really tired and also hurt my knee!
Push-ups - 29 + some in the Bas Rutten workout maybe 30?
Chin-ups - 0
Pull-ups - 0
Miles - 9.65

31/01/10 Boxing - 2+ hrs
Warm up - jogging, stretching and dynamic movements - 10-15mins
Skipping - 6x2min
Technique work 30+ mins - footwork, angle changes, tactics in the ring
Heavy bag - 6x2min
Strength/power circuit 1min per station
  • BTN Press
  • BB Lunges/ Squats
  • MB Slams
  • MB sit-ups
  • Resistance band Cross
  • Resistance band Jab
  • Resistance band Uppercuts
  • Lateral jumps over bench
  • Box jumps
  • Military press
  • DB Shrugs
  • Upright rows
Cool down - 5mins stretching

Enjoyed the boxing gym today, it was good to get some technique work in and the circuit was really tough! Especially the jumps over the bench and box jumps, I had to giggle at one point cause the way we jump over the bench you jump sideways and take both feet so it's like a moving tuck jump, well a few times one of my feet didn't quite make it hah! The strength stuff was really hard too, my whole body felt like jelly by the end, the military press being the worst just could not get that bar over my head after a few lifts, it was only 10kg too which at the beginning of the circuit would have been a fairly easy weight for me!

How's everyones weekend been? Mine's been good, Mike and I are probably going to watch Angels and Demons later, hope it's good :) I didn't really like The Da Vinci Code but I think that's because I'd read the book first and the films never compare.. I haven't read Angels and Demons so maybe I'll like it better!

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  1. i like the book angels and demons better than the da vinci code but haven't seen the movie of angels and demons yet. i'm not always the biggest fan when books get turned into movies. i like my characters the way they are in my head :)