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Sunday, 17 January 2010


2 mile light run, intended to be a cardiac output run as I was going to have the morning off since I was tired and knew I was sparring on the evening but ended up starting off a cardiac output run with my boyfriend but our paces were just too different so we had to do different things.

Boxing - 2hrs
Warm up - 10 minutes of jogging, stretching and exercises (included 10 push-ups)
Skipping - 4x2
Heavy bag - 6x2
Sparring - 3x2 minute rounds 1 minute rest
Shuttle runs - 4 sets
Core - 10 minutes
Cool down - 10 minutes stretching

Really enjoyed the sparring tonight, it's the first time I've ever done a full fight length at the boxing gym and I found it really tough on the conditioning, definately need to learn to control my nerves, breathing and improve my conditioning before my first fight. Felt like I did quite well in the sparring, listened to my coach in the rest and tried to do what he was advising me and managed to start cutting my opponent off which is something I hadn't tried before. Good session

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