Mileage counter

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Cardiac output run
3miles in 38.24
average heartrate 149
pace 12:51

This run was so boring, I really hated running so slowly and I was absolutely cursing my boyfriend's garmin when it kept beeping to tell me my heartrate had gone too high, but it will be worth it if it pays off!

    Warm up - 15 minutes jogging, stretching and exercises inc 10 push-ups
    Partner drills padding punches and practising parries - 10 minutes
    Shadowboxing - 5 x 2
    Plyo jumping circuit - 1 x 2
    Lateral jumps over long bench - 1 x 2
    Heavy bag - 8 x 2
    Shadowboxing - 2 x 2
...17 ROUNDS.. blah!

The plyo jumping circuit and lateral jumps were the killer! I was so tired after these two rounds I really had to dig deep in the first few bag rounds. I'm going to be getting some sparring in tomorrow, really looking forward to that! Also getting booked in for my medical so could be fighting in my club's home show in April!

Push-ups ammassed during the session = 22 as there were some in the plyo circuit too.

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