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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


So I went for a run yesterday with Mike and it was the crappiest run ever :(. My bum and thighs ached from the day befores lunges, I couldn't maintain a decent pace, I was tired, cold and grumpy! Mike did take the camera though so I have some pics of our favourite route! Here's me on the way to the bridge about 1.5 miles in, you can't tell too well but it's a looong hill, not too steep but you do feel it haha

The bridge, still ultra grey horrible weather in the north of England

Me again

View from the bridge

Over the other side of the bridge before we jogged over the other side... I can't say ran it was definately jogging by this stage!!

My fake smile...

A raven who went for a walk across the traffic part of the bridge, we saw a car go right near it and he didn't fly off, they must be used to them!

I really struggled with this jog, my legs really hurt for most of it and I was too cold, I'd worn clothes for a faster pace really but couldn't keep it up. On the way back down the hill my knee really hurt all of a sudden so I stopped and stretched it out and decided it was ok to carry on but after a few hundred metres I realised it wasn't a good idea to carry on so I had to stop. I hate cutting workouts or runs short. Overall a very blahh run. And I felt bad for slowing Mike down.
Overall we did 7.65 miles in 1.25ish... lost it off the garmin since.. A lot slower than the 8 miles I did last week but it felt a lot, lot harder.

My work capacity has been getting less and less over the past two weeks and I think I've burnt out a bit, picking up little injuries and the virus I had threw me out for way longer than I'd normally be ill, I'm still coughing stuff up it's been over a week.. sorry gross.. So reluctantly today I've taken a rest day instead of going boxing. I was really tempted to go cause my knee feels a lot better today and my chest isn't feeling too bad. Plus I'm feeling very fidgety having done very little movement all day!! I think I'm going to go and bake something to give me something to do.. not sure what.. any suggestions? I would have made those brownies again but I ran out of cocoa powder!

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  1. i still think that's a great run! the fact that you got out there and did it even when your muscles were not happy is awesome :)

    but good call with the rest day. i tend to get really fidgety too and end up pacing all over the place heh